Time To Say Bye Bye Wibiya, Here Comes Apture

When we talk about toolbars or sharebars the first thing comes in our mind is Wibiya. Its because of the popularity and the features offered in Wibiya. But this can change soon. Apture is a site bar that uses a new way to give more information to the readers. So what exactly are those features? Well, the first feature about Apture is, its simplicity at work, incredible search, elegant design. I think Apture contains, what is necessary for a blog or a websites. There are many sharebar or toolbars that has features, which are not necessary to be within a toolbar. For an example, lets talk about Facebook and Twitter page feature in Wibiya. Do you think its necessary? Its clear most of the blog has links to their Facebook and Twitter page on their sidebar. But Apture got the point right.

Apture site bar

There is another feature in Apture that is worth of talking and thats the Apture search. Don’t get worried, it uses big daddy Google as a default search to fetch the results, what exactly is the feature I am emphasizing here was its search for video, images and web within the same window. I am stunned to see its incredible fast response. When I tried Apture site bar, I felt I have the whole control of bar and my words for Apture are simple and useful. Apture has some good news for webmaster who like to make money and for those, here come Amazon affiliate program with Apture. Well, now you can make money from your sitebar, sounds awesome? Exactly. To know more about Amazon affiliate click here.

Three Salient features

Apture highlight feature
Turn Highlights into pageviews

Users can highlight any phrase to get more information right on the page. This feature comes as optional, so if you need this feature, just enable it in Advanced Settings.

Apture sitebar share
Boost Sharing

Increase sharing by 2-3x and grow your audience. You also get to see the share count.

Apture sitebar stats
Gain Insight

Detailed stats on what your readers care about. Now you can track

So how to install it on blog?

The installation is pretty simple, all you need is to sign up at Aperture and enter your blog or website URL and upload your logo, to be displayed on the site bar. After that you will get a code for the Apture site bar that has to placed on your template, before the </body>

Apture site bar script

The Apture site bar appears only when you scroll. When I tested I worked like a magical bar with a magical search. Why wait, go ahead and get it for your blog.

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