How To Add Contact Form To Posterous

Posterous is a dead simple blogging platform, if you still haven’t given a try visit Posterous. As I said Posterous a simple and powerful blogging platform, I thought of making this tutorial to add contact form to Posterous form, quite simpler. In order to add a contact form, I have used Kontactr – a contact form services to send the contact form to any email that you have mentioned at Kontactr. The purpose of using a free contact form services is to make the process much simpler and it also has an image verification to avoid spammers (a bit). So, lets get into the tutorial.

How to add contact form for posterouslive demo

Step 1: Sign up for an account with Kontactr. After you logged in scroll down to the bottom to copy the HTML Embed Widget script.

contact form for posterous

Step 2: Login to your Posterous account and click on Edit if you have a contact page. If you haven’t created follow these steps to create pages in Posterous. After this you are into the edit page of Contact, here you need to paste the code that has been copied from Kontactr.

Finally save the button to finish the installation. The tutorial is dead simple, isn’t it?

Add some text before the entire script to give a little information about your contact form.

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  4. Great post Franklin! I already knew this service, and I had promised myself to use it to create my contact form. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks franklin this post helped me to design my contact page…

  6. And again Thank You @Franklin
    This and the related pages post have saved my sanity!
    I am a non techy and thats why I use posterous. And that’s why i was so shocked and disappointed to receive no help at all from posterous’ help people on how to get a form onto my blog.
    Your instructions were so clear I was able to do this and I don’t even use Kontactr, I use MailChimp!
    Thank you again

  7. Does it cost?

  8. Franklin,

    Thanks for the great post. Unfortunately, I tried to follow the directions but Kontactr seems to no longer offer an HTML script, just a 4-line AJAX script. Would it be possible for you to share the HTML embed widget you have (minus the id=).

  9. Hi I have a blogger blog, wordpress blog and I started a posterous blog for travelling journals. I cannot find anything I want when I search, even google hardly shows anything for posterous. Could you direct me on how to add GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT onto my side bar? and how I add anything there. Really need some direction LOL

  10. Doesn’t work. Posterous doesn’t allow JS code.

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