jQuery Boilerplate For Kickass jQuery Plugin Development

jQuery Boilerplate is a skeletal framework for getting started with jQuery plugin development in minutes. The jQuery Boilerplate is object oriented and implements public, private methods and as well as public, private properties. Using the boilerplate, jQuery learners can get started with plugin development without having to start coding from the scratch. Personally I am a big fan of these boilerplates and I hope to see many more like this to come up in the future to simplify web development works.

jQuery BoilerplateHere is an usage example

$(document).ready(function() {

   // attach the plugin to an element
   $('#hello').pluginName({'foo': 'bar'});

   // call a public method

   // get the value of a property


I love this, if you too love this, say hi to the people behind this jQuery Boilerplate Zeno Rocha (@zenorocha) and Stefan Gabos (@stefangabos)

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3 Responses so far!

  1. This makes no sense whatsoever, jQuery Boiler Plate doesn’t implement “data()”.

  2. Kim Christiansen

    i am also using jqueryboilerplate – it’s awesome!
    But i don’t understand your method call $(‘#hello’).data(‘pluginName’).foo_public_method();
    Like Shawn said, ‘data’ is not implemented. So how is it possible to call a method inside the plugin?

  3. Kim Christiansen

    …now i understand.

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