6 Best Hello Bar Alternative WordPress Notification Plugin

Hello bar is one of the best notification bar for WordPress and also for any web publishing platform. I really liked their concept and personally that inspired me to create Mintbar – an opensource notification bar. So, why am I writing about Hello Bar alternatives? Well, Hello Bar’s free account offers just 25 click/month which I think is way too low for small blogs. Even their pro plans cost you $4.95/month with awesome features but still looking from a novice blogger’s point of view, the pricing plan doesn’t really work.

Now after the launch of Hello Bar many premium WordPress notification plugins are released which are actually affordable. So lets have a look at some of the best Hello Bar alternative WordPress notification plugins.

Note: None of these WordPress plugins, allow click tracking. If I am wrong correct me.

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Footbar (Demo | Price: $14)

Footbar was one of my favorite alternative to Hello Bar. This premium plugin cost you $14 which is a one time payment and you get the best customization panel. Customizing colors, font size, shadows are never been this easy.

footbar wordpress notification plugin

Watch the video demonstration of Footbar after this break.

attentionGrabber (Demo | Price: $12)

Even though Foobar was my favorite, attentionGrabber was too good in terms of design. The transition effect is so smooth and you can optionally add official Twitter and Facebook button next to the post link. So with regards to the backend and in terms of design attentionGrabber is the best.

attentiongrabber wordpress notification plugin

Check out the video demo after this line.

Notification Bar (Demo | Price: $12)

Notification bar is a decent notification WordPress plugin with cool color themes, cookies support and its compatible with all major browsers. Other than that, you can position and animate the bar.

notificationbar WordPress plugin

Sticky Header (Demo | Price: $4)

This isn’t a WordPress plugin but you can easily embed it into any WordPress blog. Considering its price, its really affordable for the features offered. Click the demo link to read more about its features.

sticky header for WordPress

Realtime Announcements bar (Demo | Price: $9)

This is another PHP script that can be integrated into your WordPress blog for live announcements. According to the developers description “The Realtime Announcer is a php system that can be used inside your website to give you the ability to post news,notifications or announcements to your users But this time you can do that in RealTime!, which means that while the user is browsing your pages he can get the upto date news without having to reload the page.”

live announcements bar php script

ViperBar (Demo | FREE)

ViperBar from ViperChill is a free alternative to Hello Bar. I haven’t tried it on any of my blogs, but still looking at the AWeber, MailChimp and FeedBurner integration, its falls under the best free notification bar for WordPress.


I hope this post is sufficient enough to pickup the best WordPress notification bar plugin that suits your style. If you think it’s useful, hit share and follow us on our social media profiles.

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26 Responses so far!

  1. Thanks for the interesting roundup, Franklin! We at digital-telepathy (creators of the Hello Bar) heard a lot of the same comments from other users regarding the monthly fee for Hello Bar, so we actually just released Hello Bar Solo for developers – it allows you to host a Hello Bar on your own site, and modify it however you wish, for a one-time fee, and unlimited sites.

    You can see the demo here:


    • Hey Jason,

      Thanks for letting us know. I loved Hello Bar and the features packed with it. Now Hello Bar Solo another awesome product.

    • Hey thanks for the info, but I was wondering is it possible to showcase twitter tweets via the hello bar? Any idea?

    • Franklin,

      First off thanks for your post! These are great alternatives and you’ve saved me a lot of time.


      Thanks for releasing HelloBar solo. Also, you coming here is a smart business move. You’ve prevented me from buying another competitors bar as I’ll be purchasing the solo bar!

  2. I like that they have a “solo bar”, but the tracking/stats is what I’d like to see on it. If someone works up a tutorial on how to put that together, I’m all over the solo version…though, I think one of these alternatives would do the trick if you had to hack a tracking/stats into it. Thanks for the cool breakdown of the alternatives. Much appreciated!! Signed up for HelloBar and was all excited…until I saw the 25 clicks cap. That was ridiculous, we hit that in less than an hour. Not a fan of services that increase as you use it more. HelloBar has a great business though, don’t get me wrong.

    • Agreed – HelloBar is very slick and I was excited when I signed up, but the monthly cap is way too low.

      Hello Bar solo is another option, but these other plugins (foobar especially) appear to have really great setting pages which I’m very tempted by.

      Thanks for the round-up!!

      ps – re stats, could you not setup a goal in google analytics to monitor visitors which land on the page you’re pointing your bar too? (presuming that’s the only route to the page), or add a clickref to the link and track that?

    • Hey Mendenhall, the cost effective method is getting any one of those plugins and then use bit.ly short urls. Bit.ly offers awesome clicks tracking for FREE.

  3. footbar inspired me!!!!! but the value for money isnt so good.. still i will check it out!!!

  4. I liked Hello Bar and have been using the free version (for now) on my recently launched site. Solo option looks promising.

  5. Thanks for the post. I’ve heard great things about hello bar, but the cost per click model deterred me until I saw the solo version. But, I’ve spent hours trying to follow their wordpress directions without success. Given the time I’ve now invested without success, I’m thinking I might try foobar.

  6. Good review of the different options. After not deciding to buy Hello Bar’s $4.95 service, I bought and installed AttentionGrabber. It’s exactly what I was seeking – easy to use, customizable and quick to install. I’m glad to have discovered your post – made the search for a solution less painful!


  7. Great Hello bar plugin for wordpress..

    but not good in money.. :)

  8. Thank you for sharing Franklin, I started by looking for an alternative to Hello bar and after going through your alternatives. I have now came to the conclusion that so far Hello bar is by far the best. It seem that you may think so too as I am very sure it is Hello bar you are using ?

  9. i will use any bar as long as it is free :)

  10. Hello Bar support is terrible: there’s a list of people on the blog crying out for help because the instructions for WordPress no longer work. As far as i can tell, Hello Bar Solo no longer works for WordPress. They are not even approving support related comments so god knows how many have this problem. The payment provider has not returned my emails either.

  11. Hello, I wonder if you wouldn’t mind adding WOAHbar to this list? WOAHbar is a 100% FREE alternative to Hello Bar.

    Visit: http://haatch.com/WOAHbar for a working demo and FREE source files & documentation download. I have even made it available to work on mobile devices! Thanks – Haatch

    • I liked it but this bar require jQuery UI to work. I believe an alternative without jQuery UI would be better.

  12. thnx for this . . it was really beneficial for me . . !!

  13. is viperbar good? does anyone tried it before? thanks!

  14. Here you have another one to increment the notification bars list
    NotiBar, thanks !

  15. Hi,

    I bought the developer version of the HelloBar but it has a fatal defect so it will not function and their support refuse to acknowledge me. I would really advise you find a better plugin as it did not make my business grow at all.

  16. How about NotifySnack.com? This seems to be a brand new tool which provides similar functionality.

  17. I like the hello bar, and I have temporarily installed it at our website

    There are two features though that are lacking:

    1. If someone closes the bar on one page, and then proceeds to browse around the rest of the site, I think that there should be some cookie rendered which remembers that the hello bar should be in the closed position, rather than opening again.

    2. I’d like to be able to create a link to the video that pops up in a lightbox view, like I have on the homepage within the white header box with the link text “Check out our great new intro video!”. I can’t tell if any of these other plug-ins mandate that I only enter the link URL and it automatically creates the HTML for me. Is there any plug-in I can use that allows me to customize this HTML?

    I’m very grateful for your post and roundup, thanks for the other options.

  18. Hey Franklin,

    Great post! I never heard of Sticky Header before, thanks for pointing it out, I really like the menu/social/form options they have!

    I thought I would mention our own http://infobarwp.com for your readers, it’s a similar plugin with built-in analytics and split testing. My company launched it just a few weeks ago and thanks to user feedback we hope to make Infobar a great alternative to HelloBar and others!

    Thanks for the post and all the best,

    • @Betrand

      InfobarWP seems very nice plugin, but i couldn’t find contact page on your website ?
      Is it one one time fee ?

  19. Hello Bar cost is really doesn’t make any sense, way to high.
    After doing research I decide to use free plugin WordPress Notification Bar.

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