How To Display Live Comment Preview In WordPress

Comments are vital for all kinds of blogs. Most of the time, commentators fail to check their comment before hitting the “Post Comment” button. I use Ajax Edit Comments that allow users to edit their comment for a limited period of time. Well, with Live Comment Preview WordPress plugin users can see how their comment will appear on the site in real time. The plugin uses client-side javascript for the live comment preview.

live comment preview wordpress plugin

The plugin doesn’t need any configuration. Once you installed the plugin, you’re good to go. Advance users can display the preview anywhere in the comments file by adding this code

 <?php live_preview(); ?>

That’s it!

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  1. I don’t think there is any biggest advantage of using this plugin! Very few bloggers use it. What you say? :)

  2. O.. Its cool but if the plugin is deactivated it may result fatal error so i think we need to use if function too. isn’t it ?

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