Pikaday – Lightweight Standalone JavaScript Datepicker

On some of my recent projects, I used jQuery Datepicker and I feel most of the front end developers go with jQuery Datepicker. Even though it’s a great plugin, I have one things that constantly bugging me and that is the size of the plugin. Yes, I looked around for some alternatives and luckily found this today.

Pikaday is an amazing, yet lightweight standalone JavaScript datepicker. The biggest advantage of this datepicker is it’s standalone feature and the slick design which doesn’t need any CSS modification.

Apart from it’s features, it is blazingly fast.

pikaday - javascript datepicker

Pickaday is weights just 5kb and less image requests. So on your next project, don’t forget to give Pickaday a try. Trust me, it’s fantastic.


<input type="text" id="datepicker">
<script src="pikaday.js"></script>
    var picker = new Pikaday({ field: document.getElementById('datepicker') });
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