SelfStarter – Open Source Solution For Creating CrowdFunding Websites

Crowingfunding website like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are so popular and it became a new trend for raising money for projects. A good project idea on Kickstater can easily raise a million dollars in a week, however you are required to pay 5% to the funds collected for Kickstarter plus 3-5% in payment processing fee.

What if you want to host on your own site?

Well with SelfStarter it’s possible. Selfstarter is an open source solution for creating your own crowdfunding website without the need of hiring a designer or developer. This open source solution was put together by Lockitron after they were put down from Kickstarter for some reasons.

selfstarter - open source solution for creating crowdfunding websites

Selfstarter uses Amazon Payments for collections funds, but according to their description we can choose our own payment providers. This is just a boilerplate for creating crowdfunding websites so while setting it up, please make sure you worked on the authentication and the management code. Selfstarter is based on Ruby on Rails.

Visit Selfstater

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