5 User Experience Improvements At Depositphotos

We had seen about Depositphotos on Bloggermint a few months back, one of the best online stock photos gallery. With a subscription model that includes a free plan, what it provides is a complete set of plans and packages according to a user’s needs from which he can pick one according to his/her needs for stock photo images.

depositphotos updates

Since then, we’ve used Depositphotos quite frequently ourselves to obtain a few images of our choice. Housing over 9 million high-quality images, Depositphotos has many more advanced search tools such as Smart Search, which is an intuitive search bar that will learn from the user’s keywords in a smart way and take the user to the right photo he is looking for. Taking a step ahead of images, it now allows users to upload videos that are of high resolution onto its website, thus leading to a more rich database. The specifications for these videos are 320х240 and 1920х1080 pixels (Full HD) a length between 3 and 60 seconds, and a maximum video size of 1000 Mb. The revised royalties for photos and videos are as follows:

depositphotos updates

Crowdsourcing photos and information has imporovised the collection and the quality of photographs at Depositphotos. The team has made it easier to upload them by adding a Drag and Drop uploader on its website, making it hassle-free for users to add their photographs to the website with support for multiple file Drag-Drop and Upload as well.

depositphotos review

While making the uploading process easy, Depositphotos has also made sure that there’s no loss in their quality of photos. A user always has to pass a small examination on the website to become an official photo uploader and it has gotten better in the recent times. Now the user has a chance to pick what sort of files he/she can submit for the examination – images, videos or both. This adds extra functionality and allows more customization according to the interests and abilities of the individual user. Also there’s a nice and small area where the user can add a link to their portfolio that’s present on any other website such as Flickr, Deviantart, 500px etc so that the buyers can have a look through their portfolio if needed.

depositphotos review

Along with these has come along a new Content Editor tool that can be used is the new content editor that comes along with the ability for users to attribute as many files as they want, upto 200 in number in bulk at a single time. The Release Manager tool is built right into the Content Editor and allows the addition of information such as important information about models, such as race, age, or gender; giving buyers an opportunity to more easily find images featuring the type of model they are looking for. Coming along with this is a small utility that will help in the everyday usage of Depositphotos, a spellcheck tool that will help and minimize grammatical and spelling errors while uploading, categorizing and inserting images.

The pricing plan for packs at Depositphotos start at 69$ for one month and are available for various time durations upto 12 Months over which the user can save upto 180$ in picking an annual plan over a monthly plan. Also, pay per image plans are available for which the user need not purchase any monthly pack and can pay only for the images he needs directly. More details regarding the plans are specified here:

depositphotos pricing plans

Looking at the improvements done by Depositphotos in terms of User Experience improvement, it is certainly an appreciable move. Focussing on smaller aspects of the experience on the website such as simplifying file uploading and allowing the users to customize their examination pattern make it more joyable and fun to use DepositPhotos.

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