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There is no shortage of CPM networks out there. How to pick just one? For the most part, you can just pick one out of a hat as, in my experience, they’re all equally useless. Fly by night CPM networks, put together with no history or experience with marketing or eCommerce. Adsnik changed my opinion about that.

Over the course of my professional blogging career, I’ve tried out numerous CPM and Affiliate networks, towards the goal of making the passive income that people working online need to survive. Adsnik was the first CPM network to actually give me hope that this was possible, and helping me to feel that I hadn’t made some horrible mistake, dedicating my life to working on the internet.

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The main difference between Adsnik and the other CPM providers I’ve tried is that, for one, they actually find ads that suit my audience, and they pay a respectable rate, as well. Inappropriate ads are a surefire way to make sure no one will click in the first place, and the laughable rates most offer means you’ll never reach the $100 payout they most likely require.

I would preach the gospel of Adsnik for these two reasons alone, but as one more added bonus, they actually pay up in a timely fashion. Have you ever had to wait 7 months for a $10 payment? It’s a dispiriting experience, let me tell you.

Another advantage of Adsnik is realtime reports and analytics. Not only does it let me know, immediately, where I stand with them, it also lets me know that THEY know. With online marketing, it’s absolutely imperative to know, as soon as possible, what’s working and what isn’t. With companies only generating feedback reports every 30 days, that means some horrible underperforming ad could sit on your blog for weeks and weeks, not making money. And, as we all know, not making money is practically the same thing as losing money.

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Another thing I liked about Adsnik’s CPM ads is they’re optimized for mobile, as well. Too many ad networks rely on the old web architecture. Not only does this overlook one of the main demographics of web users these days – missing out on valuable traffic – it also fails to take advantage of the fact that mobile users have a greater tendency to click, due to the touchscreen interface in their palms.

It makes me think most CPM networks are stuck in 1993. Let’s not forget that Google wasn’t even around, at that point.

Adsnik is a company that’s looking forward, taking advantage of changes in culture and technology, and else planning and preparing for the future!

Adsnik is also highly scalable, which is highly useful, as my goals for my blog were entirely different when it was a tiny, personal, humble homemade affair. As it’s grown bigger and better (thanks in part to Adsnik and the revenue I’ve been able to generate from them), I’m able to ramp up the exposure, when I need it, and cut back if I need to focus my efforts.
So thank you, Adsnik, for restoring hope in CPM networks. Our more correctly, instilling hope in the first place. Maybe I can make a living on the internet, after all.

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