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Sometimes you need a helping hand to get all of your work done. is a reputable company with excellent customer service. They’ll write a high-quality essay, or many other documents, and deliver it to you on time. A free plagiarism checker is also available on their website. I highly recommend using it if you’ve hired another essay service in the past. Many companies give out the same, or nearly the same, document to many different students. Teachers and professors use similar a similar checker to verify the uniqueness of your submission.


Why go with CustomWritings over the alternative?

  1. They’re upfront about their pricing. A price calculator is provided to help you determine how much their service will cost. This feature prevents any surprise costs or fees from sneaking up on you. You’ll find some other sites aren’t nearly as clear about the cost of their work.
  2. Essay samples are available. You can look yourself and verify the quality of their writing. There are a lot of examples so review the ones most relevant to your request.
  3. If you’re unhappy with their work, you may be eligible for a partial refund. If you’d like to use the essay they’ve provided but feel the need to make substantial edits, just apply for a partial refund. Up to 40% may be refunded according to the independent dispute department’s discretion.
  4. If you decide you would rather write the document yourself, you’re similarly able to request a refund. The dispute department has the discretion to refund the cost up to 100%. They’ll also offer a free revision, and you can request a different writer if you feel the need to do so.
  5. Customer service is available all weekdays and Saturday until 1 pm (UCT). It’s rare to find excellent customer service and even more unusual for them to pick up the phone on a weekend.

It’s worth the cost to gain all of these additional benefits. Some sites provide no guarantee of a specific delivery timeframe. You might specify how long the job may take, but it could be days or weeks before someone selects the task and starts the clock! Other sites give you more control over the process but offer few if any guarantees in the event you’re unhappy with the essay. They may even charge an additional fee for a revision. CustomWritings won’t nickel and dime you, and it’s worth every penny you pay for the work.

Admittedly, even a perfect writing site can still be difficult to work with if things on the customer end aren’t apparent. Here are some ways you can make sure hiring a writer is successful.

  1. Make sure the final deadline you give is truly the final one. Give plenty of time for each draft and revision. The timeline will populate automatically, but it’s still an excellent idea to review it for practicality.
    Have a clear description of what you want. Alternatively, be willing to clarify.
  2. Respond promptly to the writer’s questions. Clarification may be needed even for well-written essay requests, and it may not be able to come directly from you. If you don’t know the answer, ask the person who requested the piece.
  3. Request a revision if you’re not completely satisfied. Many things take relatively little time and effort to resolve. It’s better for both the writer and the site to revise and get a 10/10 rating than to leave you disappointed and receive 8/10 or less.
  4. Reach out to customer service soonest if you have questions. Leaving a question unanswered early in the process may cause trouble down the line. The more the writer has written, the more difficult it is to make adjustments.

It’s important to know CustomWritings does a lot more than just essays. They do reports, case studies, and formatting work as well and much more. Their website provides a full list of all the services rendered, and it’s too many to list here. Essays tend to lean toward academia, but there are other things like lab reports, speeches, and presentations which apply to professionals as well.

Hiring CustomWritings for an essay is intuitive and straight-forward. They will do everything they can to deliver high-quality work to you on time. They want to do well, answer your questions and have you refer more work their way. Anything they can reasonably do to make you happy is worth their time and effort. Let them help you make your next writing task a huge success.

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