How Wix SEO helps in powerful site optimization

When you are running an online business or website, one of the chief elements that you emphasize in is SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the key factors for ranking your website at the top of search engine pages.And in terms of this practice, Wix has implemented its SEO strategies so that it’s more than possible to get your website ranking. Wix has prioritized SEO for user’s sites with its powerful SEO tactics in every nook and angle of your website. And for this, they have continued upgrading their SEO methods to empower users and provide them the ultimate benefits with their SEO driven techniques. So here we are going to review Wix’s SEO platform and tell you how they help users optimize their sites.

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Key areas where Wix SEO focuses on optimizing your site

Below is the list of the main features of Wix SEO:

  • Page Meta Tags for helping your site get found on search engines.
  • Descriptive and user-friendly URLs.
  • Optimized Heading tags for every page.
  • Keyword in content to ensure Google what your site is all about.
  • Anchor links.
  • Alt Text for getting your images indexed.
  • Mobile Optimization of websites.
  • 301 redirects between domains, platforms, and Wix.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Site verification.
  • Faster page load time.

How Wix SEO helps in powerful site optimization?

Page Meta Tags

Page Meta Tags are the unseen information that helps your site get found in search engines. This includes, the page title, description, and keywords and the content people see while performing a Google search. With Wix SEO you can easily optimize your page meta tags by inserting a unique title and description for each page which is relevant to the page content. The Wix Editor recommends that you to write your page title under 60 characters, including your business name and location. The page description should be within 160 characters and contain relevant keywords and information about your business.

Heading tags

Wix lets you optimize your site headlines by adding their own unique heading tags as they are strongly observed by search engines. Since the heading tag is an indication to the reader about the content, it is made extremely easy to insert H1 to H6 tags in your content to help you optimize your website effectively and get found in search engines.

Keywords in Content

Adding relevant keywords in your site content helps it get found easily in search engines. And Wix makes it easier for you to customize your site content as you want. Add keywords in content those accurately describe your business. You can find the best keywords using relevant tools like Google Adwords or Moz’s Keyword Tool.

Anchor Links

Anchor links are the links that connect your pages to external as well as internal pages of your site. Wix offers you the convenience to interlink your site to other pages because it is one of the powerful ways to improve a site SEO. This delivers a go-ahead experience to your visitors by connecting your site to relevant pages. The link should indicate visitors where they are going to visit while they click.

Alt Text

Alt text is the description that gets your images indexed in search engines. More than the page content and keywords, Google also determines the search results with the site images. This is why the Alt text content is added to the images so that they are displayed in Google image search. The Alt text should be short and precise and include relevant information as the content.

Mobile Optimization

Wix perfectly optimizes your site with a mobile-friendly interface so that it can be accessed by your visitors from any place and any device. Nowadays, people are so much mobile phone oriented that they find it convenient to access websites from this specific device rather carrying the bulky laptops. This is why Wix emphasizes more on making your website responsive so that it looks great on any device and ranks at the top of Google’s mobile search results. Since Google believes that a mobile optimized web page delivers a great user experience to visitors, it focuses more on responsive web pages, and how well you optimize your website for mobile phones.

301 redirects

301 redirects are used to redirect your old links to the new pages on your Wix site. This feature is used to preserve the SEO ranking of your existing site links while creating a new site. To use 301 redirects, it is necessary to analyze your previous site links in terms of SEO so that similar content should be used when creating a new site. This investigation includes reviewing your previous site’s content, header tags, meta tags, and the site structure.


Using Wix SEO is not at all a rocket science, but website owners who are not necessarily technically savvy and find it discouraging to handle the technical side of their web pages, Wix takes the responsibility to manage their SEO. So you can completely rely on Wix and peacefully run your site letting the platform handle all the SEO components.

We’re not the only ones that think that Wix SEO is great, check this review of Wix SEO by

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