Meebo Vs Wibiya Vs Add this Footer Toolbars

Footer toolbars are generally used to spice up your blog with more interactive features. As a blogger we all like to make our blogging experience more interactive. To spice up those interactions with your blog visitors, there are pretty good collection of footer toolbars available for Blogger and WordPress. So here is a comparison of best footer toolbar with its features.


First thing to say- Wibiya the common and the most popular footer bar. It not the only toolbar out for bloggers, but certainly its loaded with lots of amazing features. Wibiya was still in beta version and it comes with more than 25 applications to be added with the bar. Wibiya’s Twitter dashboard and Facebook fan page application adds more value value to your blog and I am sure it does.

wibiya toolbar for bloggers


  • Visitors can post message directly on your Facebook fan page using Wibiya
  • Included three new apps of Twitter list, Real time web chatter and live broadcasting.
  • User donation for your website or blog using paypal application
  • Cool toolbar button designs
  • Content timeline with image representation of your RSS feeds
  • Translation app using Google translate
  • Digg real time button and much more

Meebo bar

Meebo is a company who had provided many services for bloggers and web publishers in the past with many addons. They were pretty famous for their meebo chat. Let come to the point, meebo bar is another incredible toolbar for bloggers and website publishers and Mashable is one of the popular blog who used meebo bar for sometime. It looks decent, stylish and most importantly its look more professional. But unlike Wibiya, Meebo bar does not have many addons, all it has is few applications like Facebook fan page, Twitter dashboard, all in one chat and some other services. The best part of Meebo is the sharing features, by default all your images are sharable using this toolbar. So hopefully a great tool for bloggers as blogging is all about sharing.

meebo bar for bloggers


  • All in chat – Visitors can chat with their Facebook, Yahoo friends right from the blog or website.
  • Easy to use share button for popular social media websites
  • Easy to integrate on various blogging platform and other CMS
  • Well designed bar

Add this Sharebar

Sharebar yet another footer bar from Addthis – a popular bookmarking and sharing service. The features look similar to the other two footer bar. But when it comes to look sharebar does not please us. Since Addthis a popular bookmarking service, even their toolbar does the same. Personally I am ok with their effort because almost 95% of blogs use sharing button or any sharing or bookmarking service, so literally sharebar was an unnecessary plugin to be added to your blog. Anyways you can give a try

Addthis sharebar


  • Loads faster comparing to other footer bars
  • Personalized Addthis products
  • Compatible all the popular browsers

Finally if you want to add more features using the bar, then go for Wibiya. But if you want something to look professional with neat design, then head to Meebo bar.

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  4. Thank you for useful info. :-)

  5. wonderful share, great article, very usefull for me…thanks

  6. wibiya the best

  7. Still looking over Toolbar Info, some great stuff. Apture looks good to, and you did a great article on it. Now I just have to figure which one works best for my site!
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Cross-Selling =-.

  8. @Mike – I suggest Meebo for your blog.

    • i’m just wondering… you’re not using either wibiya or meebo toolbar?
      Does footer toolbar might slow the page load?

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  10. Meebo is far superior. For example, it knows if several thumbnails in one group are part of a gallery and doesn’t include them however on that same page is a news article, it WILL select the photo from that. Also, tests have shown it’s faster. Less is more.

  11. I think meebo bar is better. But i can,t use it. is restricted in my college. what should i do…!!!!!! currently i am using wibiya….
    .-= behzad´s last blog ..1MBPS Unlimited Broadband in Just Rs999 PTCL Student Bundle =-.

  12. Cool toolbar

    but it really slows your site :(

  13. It seems like you’re not using any toolbar…?

  14. I was just about to put the AddThis Sharebar on my site and thought I’d look around for other options. It seems like everyone is in “beta” version, which does not set well with me actually. Since I already have an analytic account with AddThis I might just stick with them for now….but there certainly is a lot of coding that goes with using their service….I am getting better at it though!

    I wish they would make their service more user friendly…..loaded with techies I think! lol…that’s ok….

    thanks for the great analysis…I might try a different one in the future!


  15. ok wibiya is really slow… it takes avg 8 http request and 125kb file size and 7 to 12 images …

    meebo only 3 request 4 images and 5kb file size..

    i got F grade on yslow using wibiya
    and A grade on yslow unsing meebo


  16. Wow this is awesome information. Thanks. I installed it for my website. Do u have anyidea to remove the powered by name shown in the toolbar. Its good to give the credit but i dont like others to get it from my site.

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