How To Add Facebook Comment Box To Blogger Blogs

Facebook comment box is one of the useful tool for bloggers to increase conversations. Recently Facebook has launched many social plugins for bloggers and web developers and one such is improved Facebook comment box. So here in this post I will teach you how to add/integrate Facebook comment box to blogger in simple steps. Before getting into the process I recommend you to back up your template and previous comments in blogger wont be visible if you use Facebook commenting system.

Step 1: Visit Facebook developer page and enter your blog name, URL and click on Create application.

Facebook comment system for blogger

Now copy the App ID and save it in a notepad

Facebook comment box for blogger

Step 2: Login to you Blogger dashboard and navigate to Layout > Edit HTML and check on Expand Widget Templates. Search for the code <data:post.body/> or <div class='post-header-line-1'/> and paste the code below <data:post.body/> or <div class='post-header-line-1'/> and save the template.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
  <p align='left'><img alt='' class='icon-action' src=''/></p>
  <div id='fb-root'/>
  window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
  FB.init({appId: &#39;APPID&#39;, status: true, cookie: true,
  xfbml: true});
  (function() {
  var e = document.createElement(&#39;script&#39;); e.async = true;
  e.src = document.location.protocol  +
  e.async = true;

Change the APPID on the code with your APP ID provided from Facebook and save the template.

Step 3: Now you need to hide default blogger commenting system. So navigate to Settings > Comments and select hide and save settings.

Facebook comment box for Blogger

Live Demo

Note: Using Facebook Comments will hide your blogger comments. So use this comment box wisely.

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  1. Well well, finally I got what I was waiting for a long time. A bunch of thanks for making this tutorial.

  2. This is a very useful tutorial dude!! You have written things which are of great resource. A facebook comment box does not only improve conversations but also traffic as their comments are posted on their profiles.
    .-= Vishal Sanjay´s last blog ..0 to 100K visitors : 10 steps from my blogs marketing plan =-.

  3. @Vishal – Yes dude exactly and Facebook has the potential to bring bunch of quality traffic.

  4. Thank you for share, i will translate it into vietnamese and post in my blog with backlink to you.

    .-= vnblognet [dot] com´s last blog ..Tạo Menu pro với hiệu ứng Current Label =-.

  5. @Vnblog – Sure you can translate with the backlink to my post.

  6. amirul hazwan

    at fb dev page, it shows invalid url

  7. @Amirul – Which URL are you talking about in FB developer page

  8. I Am Getting This Error (Mentioned Below) Wt Should I Do???

    The widget with id “Blog1” cannot contain element: “fb:comments”. A widget can only contain b:includable elements.

  9. More than once I dial in poisske this blog. Indeed the latest data

  10. @Rahul – I think you had placed the code inside a widget. Paste the step:2 code after <data:post.body/>

  11. Thanks…

  12. @ Rahul – Remove the Facebook like button and try it.

  13. I Need Like Button Also…

  14. And Without Like Button Also It Not Coming…

  15. @ Rahul – Send me your blogger template to my mail with your app ID

  16. I got this message man, need some help…

    XML error message: Character reference “” is an invalid XML character.

  17. @ Buzrk – I guess, you might missed out some values in the script. Try once again and let me know

  18. by values i think you mean the APPID…am I right??..if not then…what?…but…where exactly am I suppose to place the APPID?…can you specify..where…cuz what i did was place it instead of the “39”…

  19. @ Buzrk – On the sixth line of the code you will find APPID, so replace that with your APPID no that you got from Facebook

  20. Got it…thanks man…your always a lot of help.

  21. @ Buzrk – Its my pleasure dude

  22. ive tried it 5x. its not working… i did everything right i swear

  23. @Ai – I need to know your blog URL, to check.

  24. Thanks man!! This tutorial is awesome!!
    .-= Mico´s last blog ..The Last Day of the 3 Days Glory =-.

  25. @Ai – Send me your blogger template to my mail to add FB comment box. :)

  26. Hey, Thank you very much! I have installed it on my blog, but can I change the width of the comment box? Because my post body is very smaller then FB comment box! …please help me…this is my blog url:
    .-= Sexy Krompir´s last blog ..Najjača žena u Švedskoj! =-.

  27. Ugh, I have tried this, for hours, and hours… I know im competent with coding, but this facebook comment thing, is really driving me crazy. I did everything required, over, and over, retrying and what not… But still, it works once, then disappears, or doesn’t work at all…

  28. @Andy – Send me your blogger template to my mail bloggermint [at] gmail [dot] com

  29. What a great resource!

  30. Good article Thank you so much

  31. Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks :)

  32. Hello Franklin,

    my blog is

    The width of the facebook comments box is getting hidden with my template…

    What can i do to reduce the width so that it fits properly.

    HELP SOON!!!



  33. Thanks…

    its sorted… :)

    gave the width tags to fb comments…


    .-= Dharam´s last blog ..Starfish have an eye on each one of their 5 arms. =-.

  34. the commentbox don’t apear in my blog =S

    my blog:

  35. @Mirama – Its working for me, I checked this page

    Also use blog post title before publishing any post.

  36. oh yes.. thanks :) but does it be possible to show the commentbox directly on the mainpage?

  37. Yes, its possible to show it on mainpage below each post. Search for the code <div class='post-footer'> and paste the FB comment code below that :)

  38. i’m sorry for all my questions but it don’t works 😛

  39. @Mirama – You need title for all your blog post. If, not the comment box won’t work

  40. Now i have titled every post but it still does not work on the mainpage. It only works wenn i klick on the posts.

  41. @Mirama – Contact me at my mail.

  42. it doesnt work on mine as well. it only gives me te ‘love’ shape but no form at all

    I made it here
    .-= ARC´s last blog ..Foto Profail Hangat-hangat Tahi Ayam =-.

  43. @ARC – I can see the comment box on your page and why have you inserted the code twice? Since you used twice I can see two comment box.

  44. Thomas Gusten

    Hi! Thanks for sharing. I just followed the instructions and everything worked out just fine. Many thanks!

    Do you have any idea how to hide the like-button within the comment-box? I read this on the facebook blog:

    “To hide the Like botton, you will need to add 2 attributes and create a CSS file.
    1. simple=”1″
    2. css=””

    in the css file add this style code: {display:none;}”

    But I have no idea how this works. I tried it but it doesn’t work. How should the css-file look like?

    Many thanks for your help

  45. @Thomas – Just create a file fb_comments.css and insert the code {display:none;} host it on google pages.

    The code will look like this <fb:comments expr:title='data:post.title' expr:url='data:post.url' expr:xid='' simple='1' css=''/&gt; so replace this code instead of <fb:comments/> in my tutorial.

  46. Thank you for the tutorial, very helpful to me to setup at my blog.
    But do you know why my “like” button receive an error while i click it?
    Can you see it for me at
    .-= Juan´s last blog ..Pasang comment Facebook di blog =-.

  47. @Juan – This error is happening with Facebook, its their problem. So report them regarding this issue or remove the like button, as you already have a recommend button.

  48. ThomasGusten

    @Franklin – It works just fine! Many thanks!! I appreciated!

  49. Hey, I have added the comment box and its working fine.. I have one problem now.. my blog has a black post body and the comments are not getting displayed clearly.. how can i get around that.. i am not a tech savvy so pls explain in detail like u did in the article above.. thanks in advance..

  50. @Harsha – Follow the instruction which I said for Thomas on the comments. Then instead of {display:none;} place this code in the css file div.comment_body div.wallkit_postcontent h4 {color:#eee;}
    div.comment_body div.wallkit_postcontent h4 a {color:#ffc6ff;}
    div.comment_body div.wallkit_postcontent h4 span.wall_time {color:#ccc;}
    div.comment_body div.wallkit_postcontent div {color:#fff;}

    Replace the color code with any respective color code you like.

    • Hi Franklin,

      Can u post me any tutorial on How to change the color code for facebook comment box?Please.

  51. Hi Franklin,

    Sorry for being a pain but I am really not a techie guy.. Here is the code I have on the blog with the app id being mine. Please re-paste the code with the changes u mentioned for the comments to appear in white color. Thanks in advance again.:

    b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == "item"’>

    window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
    FB.init({appId: 'APPID';, status: true, cookie: true,
    xfbml: true});
    (function() {
    var e = document.createElement('script'); e.async = true;
    e.src = document.location.protocol +
    e.async = true;

    Also, I am having another scenario.. blogger sends me notifications on the comments.. is there someway we could have this done either in facebook or to my email.. i am not talking abt moderation.. its something like being updated abt the comments..

  52. Sorry, I think that was the wrong code above..

    window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
    FB.init({appId: '133426916679071';, status: true, cookie: true,
    xfbml: true});
    (function() {
    var e = document.createElement('script'); e.async = true;
    e.src = document.location.protocol +
    e.async = true;

  53. there seems to be some problem while commenting on this article.. its getting pasted right but when submitting the comment its getting changed to the above code..

    the code i am trying to paste is basically the code u have on top.. sorry for spamming u..

  54. ThomasGusten

    Hi Franklin,

    As you can see I was (thanks to your help) able to remove the likebutton.

    But now it seems there’s a new problem. I can’t delete comments I made (it’s just a test-blog – don’t worry about the text etc). Actually I can delete them, but it seems they reappear/disappear again and again. I was searching around and my guess it has something to do with the XID (but I’m not sure. And it’s something connected with the XID I’m not sure if I set it up correctly either (I just placed xid=’examplecomments’ inside the code).

    Sorry about bothering you again. But if you got any ideas I would appreciate it.

    Many thanks

  55. BUt I cant register my site on facebook. I go to and i typed eveerything acc. to you but it always show 500 error or displays nothing after couple of minutes. Whats wrong with it? I spent almost 4 hours…

  56. @Krishna – Try after sometime. The link is working fine from my side.

  57. Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  58. hi, is there any way to resize that comment box?

  59. @Sanjay – Yes, its possible just add this code <fb:comments width='400'></fb:comments> instead of this <fb:comments/> and change the width accordingly.

  60. Thank you very much.

  61. Hi!

    Interesing article. I look forward to further development of the site.

  62. hi, thanks you for this article
    .-= dee´s last blog ..1st Indonesian Intl Halal Business -amp Food Expo IHBF =-.

  63. hello!
    I really love to have the comment box in my blog. However, I diligently followed the instructions yet, it did not appear in my blog site..
    Hope you can help me with this
    here’s my blogsite:
    Thank you and more power!
    .-= text2messages´s last blog ..Text Message 66 =-.

  64. Hello , how can i change the color of the comment text , thanks in advance…

    Note: you have nice website…

  65. OMG!
    At last, I made it!
    Thank you frank for such a wonderful informations regarding this.
    I will forever treasure it!
    Thank you!

  66. @Jhon – Its a pretty touch process for beginners. I have also answered abt this in the comments. Checked the comments to find an answer for your question.

  67. how if i want to put it on my sidebar?
    .-= fiqa´s last blog ..Apa Kau buat Tuuuu =-.

  68. help me pls! it’ doesn’t work! i don’t know…

  69. @George – I am not able to see any blog post on your blog. Do you have any post?

  70. @fiqa – Just add this <fb:comments width='400'></fb:comments> instead of this <fb:comments/> and change the width to fit into your sidebar.

    Instead of <data:post.body/> paste the step 2 code inside this <div class="column-left-inner"> in your template

  71. I’ve dOne the instructiOn… But, it dOesn’t appeared in my blOg. Could u please help me to sOlve the prOblem?

  72. Thanks,the code doesn’t work.Update this post please.
    .-= development catalyst´s last blog ..Detailed Information About Abreeza Ayala Mall in Davao City =-.

  73. @Dev – Guys I will be posted an update soon and I am sorry for the delay.

  74. Hey, thanks for this but i couldn’t do that. Search’d & but nothing found in code area. How ’bout this : .post-header { i pasted it below this code and closed comments, but nothing happened.

    Here’s my blogger template :

    What’s wrong? Thanks…
    .-= Mehmet Ali´s last blog ..Dropbox klasörümden işinize yarayacak ıvır-zıvır şeyler =-.

  75. really wont work for me

  76. please update the code please…


  77. Hey guys, the post has been update with a new tutorial link and sorry for the delay.

  78. I can’t make the Application on Facebook. When I try to do it, Facebook gives me a Error-message. Whats up with that? Please help me someone….:(
    .-= Josef´s last blog ..Hichkas on twitter =-.

  79. @Josef – Try it after sometime by clearing the browser cache. It happens sometime. If possible can you post the error message.

  80. thank you so much, ive been looking for such tutorial like this for my blog.
    .-= jae joong´s last blog ..Member TVXQ- Jae Joong Akan Berkolaborasi Dengan Ayumi Hamazaki =-.

  81. this tutorial is make me CRAZY, that comment box wasn’t appear and huh

  82. Really helpful post. But sad to know, I’ve my blog in domain. Facebook has banned domains.

    I cannot use any of their services in my hosted blog.


  83. i have my template destroyded!!!!help me please…look at my site…omg…nothing worked an all destroyed!!!!please help me…

    xmlns:data=’’ xmlns:expr=’’>
    .-= dinos´s last blog ..ΓΙΑ ΑΝΑΝΕΩΣΗ Ο ΑΝΑΚΟΓΛΟΥ =-.

  84. Hi. I do not know how to add this. Can you help me? And oh, please send your reply to my email. Thank you. hope you would help.

  85. Great tutorial! I made it work for me. But Franklin, is there a way that the comment box should appear in the homepage? Because it only appears when I click the URL page for the post like this:

    Maybe this is also the reason why others say they don’t see it because they are looking at the homepage.
    .-= Fe of All White SEO´s last blog ..4 Backlinking Mistakes You Should Avoid =-.

  86. How can you delete the “We <3 Comments" thing at the bottom of the page?

  87. Thanks for the great post.

    I have managed to add the facebook comment box which is great.

    But unfortunately it seems to have added the following code to the top of my blog:

    expr:dir=’data:blog.languageDirection’ xmlns=’’ xmlns:b=’’ xmlns:data=’’ xmlns:expr=’’xmlns:fb=’’>

    You can check out my site here to see what I mean:

    Is there any way I can get rid of this (whilst still keeping my facebook comments box)?


    .-= Tim Egerton´s last blog ..Squat Suits =-.

  88. Hello!! I have added the facebook comment box to my website and it works fine. Thank for sharing this…It was very helpful for me…
    .-= kindle newspapers´s last blog ..Emotional Freedom Technique E-Book =-.

  89. Hello,thanks for the article. Informations are really exciting and saves me a lot time which I could spend on something else instead of searching posts like this :) Thanks a lot!

  90. Sorry to bug you with such a silly question, but I can’t find where to: “Change the APPID on the code with your APP ID provided from Facebook and save the template.”

    I mean, I have the Facebook APPID, but where is the APPID I have to change on the code? I can’t find it.

  91. comments, I do not show up on my profile … why?
    Help me please!
    .-= Cosmin´s last blog ..Viata in 3 =-.

  92. hi, I dont’ see either of those codes Im using a new blogger template with the new designer, could it be the code is different? please could you tell what code to look for with the NEW TEMPLATE DESIGNERm in the html? thanks

  93. Hi!
    could you show me about how to add TAGS in our blog?

    Please help.


  94. Splendid work! I will follow this Nice so keep up the Nice work!

  95. Hi,

    How can i see the comments that are wrote from this system? Something like moderate or an RSS feed for comment to see what visitors are asking.

    .-= Keane´s last blog ..Cute babies Very sweet wallpaper =-.

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  97. it’s work!
    thankz u!

  98. It worked for me perfectly! I have tried MANY tutorials on how to do this with blogger and this is the first one that has worked! Thank you!

  99. wow ! it’s work !! thank you very much !
    .-= Azhunk Awang´s last blog ..MahEr ZaIn Is the bEst =-.

  100. sorry, not working in my blog…
    i see only pic “we love comments”

  101. thanx u…
    i try ..

  102. how to configure the size of comment facebook?

    • Search for </fb:comments> and replace it with <fb:comments width='400'></fb:comments>

      Change the value from 400 to your desired value. If you check the previous comments, I have written about it.

  103. This type of information is really very helpful and important for all bloggers who are using Blogspot blogs.

    Very good information.
    .-= ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 News ´s last blog ..PCB to select World Cup players without ICC assistance =-.

  104. All I get when I enter my site name an url is this message

    URL must point to a directory (i.e., end with a ‘/’) or a dynamic page (i.e., have a ‘?’).

    I am so confused any help would be appreciated
    Thank You

  105. I love your site, but honestly tell you that you need more for him to monitor those who commented with your records

  106. hye.. btw tq for the tips. may i ask. how to change the position of the comments form. because mine is at the top of the post. i didnt think comment form should be at the top. LOLS
    .-= azruhafiz´s last blog ..TESTING JER K =-.

  107. facebook gives me this error

    URL must point to a directory (i.e., end with a ‘/’) or a dynamic page (i.e., have a ‘?’).

  108. thaks bro, it’s work great

  109. Everytime I try, I get the “Name contains restricted characters or words.” error. Any idea what to do? Thanks so so much for posting this. You rock.

  110. I am so confused where I need to place the application I.D.??

  111. In the line 6, replace APPID with your application ID

  112. Hello, i´m beginning with rss subscriptions. Now i can stay current with your site and especially the topic How To Add Facebook Comment Box To Blogger Blogs | Bloggermint now, really a nice feature. Thanks, Zahn

  113. only logo appears.. no comment box =(
    .-= mark´s last blog ..TAP DELUXE Official Launch Party =-.

  114. me too…only logo appears.

  115. Love the script, it’s working on my blog. But is there any way to remove the we heart comments graphic?

  116. Hi have tried to add the fb comment box. Now I have lost the old Blogspot comment box and have a box bottom right with a Google DNS fault. Where to from here?

  117. nope ! not working any ideas??? i really need this working
    .-= Gardner Hamilton´s last blog ..Shot In The DarkSunset Waits For Nobody !! =-.

  118. how come the comments only appear in permalinks? Can’t it show up even on the main page?
    .-= Harry Santos´s last blog ..Stay the hell away from my internet! =-.

  119. Hello, great one! I wonder if there is a feed comment feed?
    .-= benooi´s last blog ..Wassup Genting Highland =-.

  120. Hello….can u tell me how do i know that someone has commented on my blog through FB comment?

  121. Its mot like Disqus ..Rght?..i hate disqus..

  122. Thanks franklin, really work with my blogger accounts. Thanks a million.

    By the way is there anyway you can teach us to the complete step with wordpress websites?

  123. this is great tutorial boss!
    but please help me with this error

    “Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Comment must start with “<!–"."

    please help me.tnx! ^^

  124. nevermind, it works fine now! thank you for this wonderful turials..tnx boss! ^^

  125. greeeaaaaaaaaaaat! cooooooooool!
    it works on me..

    could you help mo to change the “font color” in the comment box?

    thank you very much for this wonderdful tut more power to you!

  126. Just tried this…not working for me. :( Would love to have this on my blog.

  127. Is there a way to put a link on the main page so the visitor doesn’t have to enter in the post to give a comment? Like before, there was a link saying “x comments” and clicking that opened only that topic and allow you to make a comment.
    It would be nice for those who just wonder around a blog to give comments straight from the main page.
    If you can help me on this one i would appreciate even more.
    Btw…10x for the tutorial!!

  128. hi, have tried some scripts, but this one is the easiest one, it works well in my blog, thanks a lot bro!

  129. nice bro..

    i will try this to my blog.. thanks you very much

  130. good. i try it to my web and it’s work!!!!

  131. Nice Tutorials :)

  132. thanks man.. this post was very helpful.. my site works fine… :)

    Thanks again..

  133. hello,

    This works fine on me but it is not per post comment box.. When you comment on the other post, the comment will also showed up in the other post… is this really its functionality or is there a way to setup this per post???

    Pls help me..


  134. It didn’t work at first, but after checking the source code of your live-demo I take off some code and it worked, hope to help someone.

    window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
    FB.init({appId: ‘123854347639257’, status: true, cookie: true,
    xfbml: true});
    (function() {
    var e = document.createElement(‘script’); e.async = true;
    e.src = document.location.protocol +
    e.async = true;

  135. Dear Sir,
    i added this comment box, but no problem is if i add facebok share button my comments box not visible. so please tell me how can fix it.. im waiting …

  136. hi there, thankyou very much for the help, but how do I get the comments to show up on the main page of the blog, this would be really helpfull.


  137. thnks…4 this guideline

  138. thanks!!!finally it works in my blog

  139. i try to do at your suggest. it’s work, but i can’t find their last comment..
    so, when i add comment, the other comments are lost. please reply..

  140. did not work … comes just a picture … Help My

  141. its not working if you put this script on blog with auto read more + thumb

    Can you fix or explain how to put this script on blog with auto readmore :)

  142. Thanks for the codes. Works perfectly when i remove the tags.

    One question. How do you hide the faces?

  143. Is there any way of changing the font to white?

  144. hye i didnt found the code or in my blog template,..

  145. how can I chanche the language from the comment box?

  146. Thanks for the information, I will save it.

  147. How do I know when I’ve got a latest comment?

  148. How do I know my FB appid? example it is wat code?

  149. Saludes Franklin. Ha sido imposible agregar la caja de comentarios en mi blog , la plataforma que utilizo es Blogger…crees poder ayudarme? Saludes

  150. Im couldn’t find these code in my blog How can I replace it??? Is there any other way to replace it.???

    Its my blog url…

  151. hi, Franklin!
    wgen I open Facebook developer page, it shows message like this:

    Your account must be verified before you can take this action. Please verify your account by adding your mobile phone or credit card.

    What does it mean? How can I get the Fb comment box? Please help.

  152. The comment box was working good and installed to your exact specs except now it appears randomly sometimes its there sometimes not. Any ideas.

  153. Hello, Can you please help me by getting this thing on my site.. i tried so many times…i couldnt do it…..

  154. Hi Franklin, please you must help me solve this problem. In your first step when i click on it i get this message “your account must be verified before you can take this action please verify your account by adding… Mobile phone or … Credit card blah blah blah. Then am confused no where to go. Please explain that point click me through please i need it

  155. It saya Application Id has to be porperly namespace with proper xvid..i dont know…

  156. Hi Franklin,
    I noticed that the same comments appear on each post. How can I have separate comments on each blogger posts?

  157. On step two it says “paste the code below” what code? I’m stuck there!

  158. i suddenly lost my fb comment box in my blogger! what happened ?

  159. its not working :(

  160. @cyracks: enter your phone number and facebook will text you a code to go on!
    @ narayan: im with you!!! its driving me crazy! all of my comments repeat themselves on every single on of my posts! very annoying :(

  161. Hi,

    I am using a blog with a dark background. The font color of the posted comments are dark as well and hence cannot be easily seen. How do I change the color of the font?


  162. how can resize the box , it does not fit

  163. is it possible to add it in google sites?

  164. I was just looking at Tech Crunch’s website and noticed that the comment box they have allows people to reply and like others comments. The one covered in this tutorial doesn’t make provision for that. Is there anyway the reply and like button can be included for blogger?


  165. I am getting the following error!

    The comments plugin requires an href parameter.

  166. thank u man that s wat exactly i was lookin for … many thanks

  167. can i post links on my homepage from this blog ?

  168. Hi Manuel. I would like to share to you and your readers how we were able to workaround on the same Facebook comments appearing on all Blogger posts.

    Here’s the guide.

  169. great way to get more and more traffic thanks man

  170. why is this good if you don’t even use it?

  171. i think this is the best way to get more and more comments cause facebook is very popular

  172. Referring to your ‘Live Demo’, where should I place the code if I want Facebook Comment to be underneath Blogger Comment (I mean in between ‘Labels’ & ‘Home’ link)?

  173. i got the same prob as u gausscyan..

  174. Thanks. i applied it a while ago and its great, except for the size. How can i adjust the box size? thanks.

  175. The Comments Box in is a great way for any website, blog or photo gallery to add social comments to their page in just a minute with a few lines of code I like face book here is profile link please check :
    <a href=" daniel mamann

  176. hi bro i got error URL must point to a directory (i.e., end with a ‘/’) or a dynamic page (i.e., have a ‘?’). when i wanna create in facebook can u help me ? :(

  177. how to put a comment box of facebook to my website.??”

  178. hey i have problem with that.. see my site problem is all comments comes with in single row..i mean not divercify at their palace.. how can we know who comment on which page..

  179. Thx your tutorial really helps me!

  180. rohini kumar

    thanks…really awesome service!!

    working fabulous on my blog!!

    thank you very much

  181. hey hi, i use a dark template, and it’s pretty difficult to read the text, how can i change the text (comments) color ?

  182. Thanks man! :))

  183. I have don but when I clicked for preview it says
    “Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: Scanner State 24 not Recognized

    Error 500”

    How can I managed it. Hope your reply soon.

  184. Hi Franklin. I have a problem

    Error: “The comments plugin requires an href parameter.”

    How can I fix it?

  185. not working it shows all comments in single row how to fix it thanks

  186. I’m having hard time with the codes :(

  187. thank you man..its really work on my blog..previously i tried from other website..however, its not work…i really appreciated it..thanks again man :-)

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    I think this creative way to optimizing our blog…

  193. How can I chanche from:http -> https

  194. Hal Guerrero

    The like button on my site has stopped working for some reason—it was working just 2 days ago.

    Whereas before I (and other FB users) can click the “like” button and it will appear on their profile, today clicking it will “temporarily” show that the page is liked BUT after refreshing the page, it shows as being not liked yet AND it does not show as “liked” on my profile.

    Can you show me what is wrong?

    • same to me. It’s will be working after some days / weeks. It’s facebook error.

  195. This is the easiest procedure on Blogger
    Check my Blog to see result
    Thanks for posting this comment

  196. I need help, I did as you said in this article and instead of appearing the fb comment box it appears unoe heart

  197. The art of brewing beer requires cleanliness and patience. My first brew took about five weeks from making the wort to opening my first bottle. I made a California Common style beer, much like Anchor Steam. My first batch produced about 4 1/2 gallons of beer, which came out to be two dozen 22oz bottles. It turned out great and it has propelled me into the world of crafting beer. “Wort is what brewers call the sweet, amber liquid extracted from malted barley that the yeast will later ferment into beer ”
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  198. how to change the width of the comment box?

  199. Fell at the first hurdle!
    I’m not getting past the first stage – creating an app. It’s saying I need to add / or ? at the end of my URL. Does it not like blogspot URLs?
    (I tried it anyway, no joy – just landing back on the app page!)
    I’d love to be able to implement this – I’ve followed a few blog tutorials now and none so far have worked (the last one implemented FB comments, but they appeared on EVERY post, not just specific ones!)
    Thanks in hopefulness that you have time to answer!

  200. Muhammad Waqas

    Thanks for this simple and useful post; please let me know to change the width or box

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  202. Hi, I got the APP ID, but unable to find or in my template. What should I do now?

  203. I found where to post it and did so. I’m not getting a comment box rather getting the logo that says “We (heart) comments”. What am I doing wrong?

  204. i would love to be able to have both. Those you want to use the regular comment and those who want to use the facebook comment

  205. I’ve been reluctant with adding facebook comment to my blog. I guess it’s time to give it a go. Thanks for sharing..

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    Thanks again.

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    What is my Facebook App or Where I can get it because as I am not able to get any App ID and How Do I reply to Comments?

  208. I don’t know where to change the APPID…

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    I’m getting the following Database Error:

    Sorry, a temporary error has occurred. Please try again.

    Any idea what is going on? Thanks!

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    Thanks for these useful tips, it really works for my blog and I like it

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  213. There must be a way to enable comments using the authorization via Facebook along with the original comments (side-by-side). I saw this approach implemented on some stand-alone blogs (probably WordPress engine was used there), but I’m sure it should work somehow for free blogs as well.

  214. thanks but it’s not appear in the main page !!!
    it appears only when i open the post
    i wanna it to appears on all posts in the main page, is it possible ??

  215. Please help. I cant find these codes on my html for blogger. weird.

    i dont know where to paste the code. thank you.

  216. how to use 2 comment system (Facebook Comments Box and default blogger comments) on blogger without disable one of??

  217. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I believe the way social plugins are suppose to be set up has changed recently but still this is a good place to start for blogger users.

  218. thanks post full .but i can’t with :

  219. hey sir i had added the code to my website but box did not appear what to do??

  220. How i change width of comment box …

  221. Hi Franklin! Am glad that you have shared this technique however, I’m not familiar with the scripts on my blogs html so I’m a bit hesitant to proceed. I just want to know where exactly to find or . You’re illustration above in brown box is not showing that you have pasted the APPID. Please help me. I’m just so excited to have FB comment box on my blogspot. Thanks in advance

  222. Omg! I did it thank you so much, I have my comment box ♥ u! ;D

  223. Hey If i enable this If some one comments will i receive notification as some one commented in your blog?

  224. It comes up and down what to do :'( check and say please

  225. i have seen many posts about , how to plot a facebook comment gadget in they blogs, but your explanation some how are missing a lot of steps that bloggers suppose to know about.

    good work well done

  226. Hi, please help, this always shows

    The reference to entity “appId” must end with the ‘;’ delimiter.

    please help me..I’ll post the code below

    (function(d, s, id) {
    var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
    if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
    js = d.createElement(s); = id;
    js.src = “// by facebook”;
    fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
    }(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

    • did u found any solution dear, if yeas please let me know, i m facing this problem too
      Thanks in advance :)

  227. I have installed Facebook comments box in my blogger site but it does not show. What the problem with this? Do I really have to create an APPID? Because I just got the code from the Facebook Comments Plugin without creating an APPID because it is not needed there.

  228. Thx your tutorial really helps me!

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  230. It says “It needs herf parameter” Not Working Bro. Plz Help me

  231. NO working Anymore :(

  232. Very easy to follow.
    I am going to try this to my blogger blog, I still have 3 left.
    Is there something like this for wordpress, i have transferred most of my blogs to wordpress now.

  233. it still didn’t show up. is this a problem because of my templates? i download it from others. please help me.

  234. thank you man..its really work on my blog..previously i tried from other website..however, its not work…i really appreciated it..thanks again man

  235. dude, i don’t receive notifications when someone comments on my blog using fb comment box…how do you fix this one?

  236. Google got me here. This is the easiest method I can find.

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  244. Hey there are using WordPress for your blog platform?
    I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and set up my own.

    Do you need any coding expertise to make your own blog?

    Any help would be really appreciated!

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