Modern Photography Blogger Template

Modern Photography is a fresh style Blogger template designed for the elite photographers to list out their photos using the cool slider. While making this design I was little conscious about the slider to highlight the photos in a pleasant  way and finally I came out with this template. Except the slider, I have given a try for new colors comparing to my previous template and its optimized to load as faster as possible. I hope you guys once again enjoy my piece of work.

modern photography blogger template


Live Demo | Download 

Template Specifications

  • Fixed two column
  • Cool Slider from Smoothdivscroll
  • Three column footer at the bottom
  • Default Blogger social sharing button

The template basically doesn’t require any customization, except you need to change the default images from the post. So to change it, go to Edit HTML and check Expand Widget Templates and search for <div class=’scrollableArea’> and replace the existing image links with yours.

If you still have any doubts, drop in your comments. Don’t forget to check out my Blogger Template.

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65 Responses so far!

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  2. NIce theme, thanks for sharing 😀
    .-= Design Blog´s last blog ..Create a colorful music studio website =-.

  3. Thats a really cool theme, its a shame the slider images to not link to posts though, i.e. use the “featured image” of posts and then link into them, like some other slide-show plugins do.
    .-= Jez´s last blog ..Article Demon Review =-.

  4. Hey bloggermint! Love your templates!! Incidentally, I’ve used one of your templates for my blog on
    Can you guess which one it is without looking at the source? 😉 And yes, I’ve kept the bloggermint copyright on the pages too (unlike some other blogs)

    • Hi that’s really nice to see you people having the footer credits. However the link ‘blog full of games’ doesn’t belong to me. Some template submission sites are adding sponsored links to my template. So you can remove ‘Blog full of games’ link from the footer.

  5. Nice template. But the slider not working on my blog. I am using custom domain, is that the reason it fails? Any solution to this?

  6. Hey Franklin. I have the same problem with slider images. It works on preview but does not on actual view.

    here is the link:

  7. great. You are now creating new awesome blogger template.

    Nice work :)
    .-= arkimz´s last blog ..20 Free Simple WordPress Themes =-.

  8. thank you for sharing the theme.. I’m currently using it.
    .-= Sherwin´s last blog ..Yasalam 2010 Beats on the Beach hits Abu Dhabi =-.

  9. I am no CSS expert but I would like to have a drop down menu on the title. Is this possible? How to? Please help me to change.

    Thank you.

  10. I really like this theme! Thanks you so much for sharing!

    Quick question for you: I would like to change the links to be something besides “Post RSS”, “Comment RSS”, etc. I can change the titles on the tab, but I can’t figure out how to change where the tab links to. I’m new to this who CSS thing, so I’d really appreciate your advice!

    Thanks again!

  11. Hi,

    I really like this template. I have a photography blog and I’m looking to really spice it up. I’m new to blogging and changing html codes. If I upload this to my blog, the first thing I’ll want to do is:

    1. Change some of the pictures in the scroll bar to my own.
    2. Change the name of the pages at the top to say Home, My Blog, About Me, My Gear, and delete both RSS feed links.
    3. I want all of my widgets on my current blog (Followers, Networked Blog Followers, Labels, Fidjit, counter, etc.)
    4. Change the Latin to English and do something else with the three-column footer gadgets on the bottom. Not sure what I can put there other than other widgets?
    5. Change the background color to black if possible or a darker burgundy.

    Can you please help me? I don’t know how to do any of this. Your help will be much appreciated. I absolutely love this template and want to use it for my photo blog at Thank you so much.


  12. Hi Franklin,

    I uploaded the template and it looks great. I figured out how to widen the template and I even answered some of my own questions above. Just a few things I’d like to change. How do I:

    1. Change the template color to all black, or to the darker burgundy color that’s outside of the posting and sidebar area?

    2. Change the pictures in the scroll bar to my own. My photos are saved on my hard drive; they are not hosted on a web site.

    3. Change the name of the pages at the top to say Home, My Blog, About Me, My Gear, and delete both RSS feed links. I don’t want to link these pages to a web page.

    Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you.


  13. Hi,
    is possible to add a new column in the left side in this themplate?

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  15. Hi, I have a little problem to insert images instead of the default, as you can tell me how to do it because I do not ravine: ( Help Me!

    • Go to Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard and check on Expand Widget Template. After doing those search for <div class=%u2019scrollableArea%u2019> and below this element you will find the image path. So you need to replace the default image path with yours.

  16. Hi Franklin,

    How do I move the tabs from the side bar to the top of the page beside the “Home” tab?

    I have tried dragging and dropping in the Design area, but the tabs won’t stick.

    Cool template!
    Thank you.

  17. Hi. Thank you for designing such a good blogger template with photographers in mind. I have changed the stock photos for mine successfully but I have encountered a problem with display on IE. I use Chrome and it displays perfectly but in IE7 the date and labels bar across the page before the first blog post appears as a vertical line of letters!!
    Any suggestions or is the template only suitable for the latest IE?
    My photo blog is at:
    Thank you

  18. How do I add similar style pages to each of my individual tabs? For example, if I want to add a page called “About Me” that looks similar to my “Home” page?


    PS.(great template)

  19. Hi Franklin,

    I’ve sent you an email. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for sharing :)

  20. how do i am edit images in slide show please tell me

  21. I did ctrl + f to search for this in expand widgets and it is coming up with “Phrase not found”

    Have you changed the pathway since then as I am lost.

  22. I found the section to change the images from the demo ones (in the slide area) to my own. I attempted to change but instead it has come up with a blank spot in the slide.

    I am attempting to link from my flickr account.

  23. can i ask how to link the image in the scroll bar to new page to show the detail for that image .. ??

    thank you

  24. I’ve just put my custom domain name on my site with your template, and the photo slider stopped working… Do you think you could help me in some way?


  25. i like it.

    Slider pro :D.

  26. how do i remove the borders from the pictures in my posts?

  27. hey nice template…how can i customize the tabs? like customize it to pages of my blog? Thanks!!!

  28. Bellissimo modello, perfetto in tutto, complimenti. Grazie e buon lavoro.

  29. this template allowing me to fiddling banners and background colors blog. and i also modified this template according to my taste.
    thanks for original template.. i like it :)

  30. hi

    I am at a lost how to link my photos in the slider. I manage to put lots of photos in there. I get confused when you say
    You can add link to the image if you want. Just place the img tag with <a href='#'

    Where do i put these. A better explanation would be helpful. I have had many slider templates, but the link section is always there. Hope you can help. Also, on page elements, when i try to move any of the footer at the bottom, they disappear. At the moment they are all saying Labels, it won't let me put say my recent post widget there.

    Thank you.

  31. Hi Franklin,

    I’ve sent you an email. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanx for your help

  32. Hi,

    Where in the code can I change the pictures below the header to my own?

  33. Dear Sir, how can I change top buttons like – Home ,posts Rss, comments Rss , Edit….How I change this??…

  34. Hi, your template is phenominal. The idea behind is awesome and I love how it looks. Could you help me with one thing though? The words below the title of a post (date, name of blogger, labels etc) appear vertically on my blog and have to be read downwards rather than from left to right. What could the problem be?

  35. Just read the same problem above, I guess you havn’t yet fixed it for IE7 compatibility. Great job though!

  36. Hola Franklin,
    soy David Gámez ante todo darte las gracias por este maravilloso template pero tengo un pequeño problema con el cuando inserto fotos en los post no puedo centrarlas siempre se ponen en el lado izquierdo del post.

    ¿Podrias ayudarme? Gracias.

  37. Hello,
    My site has your beautiful template but today when checking the site lightbox doesnt work and its a feature i like on my site. Please check it out @

    Until then I’m using a different template :(

  38. Can you insert a hyperlink to the images?
    How do I can do?
    Thank you.

  39. Very cool template thanks for sharing.. Everything works perfectly, just that i wonder how to make the slider to move faster or slower.. thx in advance

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  42. hi buddy..
    Thanks 4 sharing its really awesome

  43. I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing.

  44. francoise

    when i click on the download button it takes me to, and if i download it from there it is in the form of a xtml file? Is doesn’t seem right because i cannot do anything with it?

  45. plz tell me how to insert a new tab just like that of home tab which I get in this template….plz email me if possible…thnx in advance

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