How To Create A HTML5 Contact Form

HTML5 is slowly kicking off with blogs and websites, but the saddest part not all browsers version support HTML5. Lets not speak about that. Recently when I was working on a HTML5 project I visited a lot of inspirational  stuff and today I thought of sharing a HTML5 contact form developed by Landon Miller. The contact form is very simple, light weight and no javascripts included.

html5 contact form

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30 Responses so far!

  1. Agree, even I want to learn HTML5 don’t thin my institute will tech me as it is not in syllabusss…
    .-= Saket Jajodia´s last blog ..How To Embed PDF File In Your Blog Or Website =-.

  2. will soon implement it in my blog :)

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  6. Looks cool ! will take out the plugin and have this installed !!!
    .-= Sandeep Singh´s last blog ..WordPress 304 released =-.

  7. Looks really good! Ill update to it soon!

  8. nice i will try
    .-= Keshav Budhraja´s last blog ..Happy New Year To Keshav Hacking Articles Readers =-.

  9. Beautifully simple! Will be great when all browsers support HTML5! Thanks & Happy New Year to You!

  10. Thanks for sharing Franklin!

    @Teresa The great thing about my form is that you can use it now with the jQuery fallbacks. I do agree, it will be better when it’s supported without fallbacks, but that could be awhile :)

  11. nice.. please write some more about html5

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  13. this will help me out sometime for sure :)
    Thanks for the share.
    .-= Siddharth´s last blog ..The Internet Printing Protocol- What is it =-.

  14. This might be a dumb question, but I can’t seem how to get this to work on my blogger in the sense of, I cannot get the submit button to link to an email or anything of the sort.

    I looked through the script and html, I cannot find anywhere to link it. How do I do so?

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  16. Hey this is a really great build! Thanks!

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  20. Thank Franklin this article helpful for me.

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  22. I wonder if you can code this html5+css3 into custom wordpress contact form.

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  28. Live demo link is not working

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