Smash Magazine Blogger Template

Once again I am happy to release another a unique layout Blogger template – Smash Magazine. Don’t ask me how this name came, its just a accidental name and at one perspective it matches too. I want to tell something special about this template. For the first time I have used a paid slider purchased from Code Canyon and releasing this template for free. So kindly KEEP THE FOOTER LINK INTACT to support me for releasing this template. I hope you guys support me.

Update: The static page issue has been fixed. Re-download the template file to see the change.

smash mag blogger template

Template Specifications

  • Three Column
  • Cool slider developed from Makfak
  • Ads ready template
  • Cool navigation menus
  • Three column footer

To change the image slider text and the image search for <div id='slider'> on the template and change accordingly.

If you need my help in setting up the template drop in your comments.

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152 Responses so far!

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  2. great work dude.. but I think the top nav bar (silver) doesn’t go with the rest of the design…just a suggestion…
    .-= Pankaj´s last blog ..14 Excellent Blogs For Writers =-.

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  4. Hey great going man! I’ve also updated my site template, you might find it interesting.

  5. Love your work!

    How can I make the semitransparent sliding text box in front of each picture a solid color?


  6. really great blogger template..
    already add this template to my collection at here
    11 Best Free Blogger Templates
    .-= arkimz´s last blog ..How To Add About The Author Section To Thesis Theme =-.

  7. hi franklin i just installed the template and i am trying to find out what is going on. I cannot understand how it is possible to change the 8 posts at the tab slider that u have. need i do it manually?
    thx anyway
    take a pick at on the my demo blog:

    • Sorry I am not able to understand what you mean by change the 8 posts. Can you explain it bit clearly.

      If you are talking about the slider content, you need to change it manually.

  8. nice template.

  9. Hi – I love this template but the problem I am having is that for the list of recent posts on the left hand side (blog posts) it will only show literally the most recent – so if I put up two posts one day it will show two posts and then the next day if I add another post it will only show one post. I want it to show the 7 most recent posts not just the most recent one I put up.
    .-= Words with Style´s last blog ..Top 5 Gift Ideas For Him =-.

  10. Just a note that I have gone in to the settings in blogger to choose that I want it to show the 7 most recent posts but it will still only show 1 post (the most recent ones I have posted on the most recent day I posted them.) So I put up a new post and now it only shows one post.

    I really appreciate any help you can give because this is the PERFECT template.
    .-= WordswithStyle´s last blog ..Top 5 Gift Ideas For Him =-.

  11. Hola Bro.. please tell me what best image size for the slider..

  12. hi and thanks.

    looks like there might be an image missing on the slider on the text part, it moves with the image on the right to show which is currant.

  13. Frankin Hello! I am here in Brazil and I’m trying to use the template (Smash Mag) that you developed. I wonder how do I get the “x” in red, which is next to the slides? Note: is next to the tab number.
    I have looked at all the code but did not discover where he is.
    Please wait your tip.
    I loved the Template.
    .-= Márcio Barros´s last blog ..Style test post =-.

  14. It looks different in chrome and explorer.
    .-= Dr Singh´s last blog ..No Job No Money =-.


    Slider is behaving static. Tried downloading the same template from different sources and on different browsers. Same thing happening.

    Love the template otherwise. :)

    Please help quickly, need to launch a site very urgently.

  16. GREAT template! Love it! And this is probably a dumb question… but how do I customize the slider for my blog posts and blog pictures?

  17. Hi Franklin, I really love your template. The only problem is that I use WordPress, would it be very difficult to adapt it from Blogger to WordPress?

  18. Hey Franklin

    Thanks for your template, really like it. Just have a small query on the slider, it seems that there is an image or something that is not displaying correctly beside the article currently featured in the slider. See the link here:
    Any ideas what is happening here and how i can fix this?


  19. Hi Franklin,
    I like your template and I’m planning to use it,but I got a problem with static pages…
    I would appreciate if you would tell me what to change in code for make static pages looking correctly..
    Thanks in advance!

  20. Hi,
    Thanks for the design. It looks great.
    Is it possible to add multilevel menu?

  21. Hi again Franklin!
    Please tell us what to do for making static Blogger pages to work correctly.
    I have created several pages on my blog(didn’t published yet cause of this problem),but when i click on a page, the page doesn’t show up for full, I only see the first 100 characters and when i click on the read more button nothing happens.
    I need a hack,a snippet maybe,which excepts static pages from the read more link and the limit of 100 characters.
    I understand that maybe you are busy,but I need a solution…
    Thanks in advance!

  22. thx ya.. bro.. nice template.

  23. Hi Franklin!
    Thank you for response.
    I didn’t understand…did you fix it?
    Could you send me in email what exactly I have to change or replace in code?
    Thanks again!

  24. Hi Franklin

    Thanks for your template.. I have a small problem on the slider, it seems that there is an image or something that is not displaying on the article currently featured in the slider.How can i fix this? i think same problem have occured another guys when i have read these comments..thnx..

  25. Hey,

    When I put this template up, there were little blue squares with question marks in them next to each of the eight titles of the slider… like it couldn’t find an image or something. Is there any way I can get rid of those question marks?


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  29. Hi Franklin, thanks for your template. Guys if you want to get rid of small x marks you can:
    1. Ask Franklin if he can be so kind and upload css and js to hosting or google code with previous corrections of images.
    2. You can use your hosting or google code with previous corrections of images.

  30. Frankin,
    I did follow and upload css and .js to google code. Result is bad. Perhaps that is due to single license from Makfak. Therefore I am asking you. Can you please correct the code and upload it into google code?


  31. hi franklin.. im already use this template 4 my blog.very cool. check it out

  32. Thanks Sergey and as I saw in view page source from demo in in siteFeature.style_screen.css where do you insert the image in css? If you solved this issue please share.
    As well as I am asking Frankin who is designer of template. I appreciate your work and support and I like to use your template with your credits. Whoever in demo view and after many comments on this issue without timeline of resolve I am not sure if I can.

  33. demoanimación and demoyumi. In second demo I replaced featured slider for featured content slider which I picked up from your post “featured content slider using query.” I might to use this options as it uses just 2 javascripts instead of 2 css and 3 js. But I am still novice in blog design, so I respectfully accept any suggestion. Template itself loads very fast. Pingdom tool. If you need any help translating english to spanish I am able to help. Thanks very much for dedicating your time and effort for support.

    • Hi Vladimir, We’ve fixed that problem with the help from Mike Kafka, original author of the SiteFeature slider. Thanks for your patience. The download link is updated!

  34. Franklin and Rethnaraj. Thanks for your support and fast resolve.

  35. A great template. Thanks.

  36. I Like all ur templates…and I like submit all ur templates to my blog,

    Am like to ask ur for link very happy if ur agree


  37. How can I get the correct URL to the “About”, “Services”, “Contact” links?

  38. Nevermind. Figured it out!
    Love this template. Thank you!

  39. Any chance to change the timing on the slider? It is a little fast to read everything.


  40. hye franklin
    this template very nice..
    i also use at my blog..
    i very interesting the slider image..
    can u teach how to make it?

  41. I will be using this template for my blog’s new design, but I was wondering: Is there a way to customize the slider to a color other than blue. I can’t find any color codes for the slider. Thanks.

  42. It’s one of the best blogger templates I’ve ever seen. It works perfectly. I’ve changed some things on it and even have added a three column footer because that way it is much more useful for me. Thanks for this great work.
    PS: Credits are kept

  43. Sorry for bothering you again. Lt me ask you the following question. Would it be possible to have the “related post” widget for this wonderful template?

  44. Hi there ~ Thank you so so very much for creating this masterpiece! I am using it for my blog and I really love it. I have a question though ~ I was wondering if I could possibly change the grey area at the very top and the blue buttons under the heading to a baby pink?? It would be so much more me :) I’m thinking FFCCFF code. I do not see any code in the original html to replace it with. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi! You can change the color by editing the value of background: property in the following code which is located in the CSS part.

      .navigation {
      margin:0 auto;
      background: #e1e1e1; background: -moz-linear-gradient(0% 100% 90deg, #d8d8d8, #e1e1e1); background: -webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, from(#e1e1e1), to(#d8d8d8));

      Change that to

      .navigation {
      margin:0 auto;
      background: #FFCCFF;

  45. ooh – and just another quick question – how do you get the red X to go away on the slider headings to the left? Thank you!!

  46. I am starting a website with this layout and really appreciate that you created it. I ran into a problem with the html and didn’t back up the file first. Now, the posts are showing full on the home page and the blog title isn’t clickable anymore. I am completely freaking out.

    Do you know how to fix this?

  47. image slider is not working in this templete plz let me know ! why its only my blog site or … Dear Franklin Manuel can u help me plz ! Thank you

    • Hi! It would be very helpful for us to identify and fix the problem if you give the blog URL where the problem has occurred.

  48. So I ended up just starting over because I figured I probably just messed up something in the code.

    Quick question: Are the images in the slider supposed to be clickable to their respective posts as well?

  49. Hi!

    Thank you for the template, I’m having lots of fun working on my website with it. Could you please answer J.Hil and Renee’s question about the slider color! I’m trying to change the blue of the tab titles in the slider as well as the transparent blue that highlights the tab. PLEASE HELP! I can’t find the codes for this.

  50. same problem with lea up there! this template is indeed beautiful… and one thing more… it can be customized BUT the blue colors in the slider cannot be modified… i love green and my blog is all about nature and all related stuffs… actually i already customized the template to a green-colored theme… SO HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHANGE THOSE BLUE COLORS NOW IN THE SLIDER? Thank you. Please help me. :)

  51. If it cannot be solve, please suggest another template (comparable with this smash template) to me with an image slider with green, black or white colors only. I just don’t want to see any other color, just these.

    You can send me an e-mail. Thank you.

  52. Where would I paste the code for google analytics within the template for it to work please?

  53. I am testing this on my test blog as I am trying to change my blog layout to a more professional look. I really like this layout but I have a few minor questions.

    1. How do I add a facebook follow button to the left of the twitter button at the top right corner of the page.
    2. How do I add an email subscriber button at the top right corner of the page.
    3. How do I remove the phrases “follow me” and “subscribe rss” from the buttons located at the top right corner of the page.
    4. Where can I find the facebook and email buttons associated with the twitter and rss buttons located at the top right corner of the page.

    Thank you for all of your hard work on this template. Love it.

  54. Figured out how to do it. Thanks for the great template.

    Now I am trying to replace the locked top story block with another widget that works better for my blog.

    Making these minor modifications is a great learning process. Thank you once again for this great template.


  55. I would like to replace the “top stories” section with a “sponsor” section like the Abundas template has. Please let me know how to make this change.


  56. hey friend very nice template dear but recently i have got a probs that my images are being shown by template in abit bigger size rather than thumbnail on opening the homepage of blog plz sort out the problem

  57. Thank you so much for building a great template. My brother works with web design (not a programmer though) and loves it.

    I’m trying to remove ‘read more’, and show the entire post. I have been trying to remove this for a day with no success. Can you tell me how to remove this and show the full post?

    I would also like to reduce the font size for ‘popular posts’. Is this hidden somewhere? I changed all fonts to 12 or 10 but this didn’t change.

    Thanks for posting the best image size, I will play with this to make it unique to my blog.

  58. Hello..hi franklin…great template…nice…good job,just 1 question,how to delete the HTML/Java Script on the page element,how is it?thank bro..

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  60. Hello I will use this template for our travel blog, very nice, just what we’re looking for.

    Thank you so much.

    I need help in editing the categories at the top of header, the home about links and the images in the slider.

    Sorry, I’m a noob :(


  61. Thank you so much for a great template. i have just started blogging. I face problem on home page. Below heading of post instead of post introductory line it gives following message “Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE …”

    But when i click on the post it shows complete article in new page. kindly tell me how to solve this issue?

  62. Thank , i have solved my problem. now please just tell me how to edit categories on the top?

  63. hi i really liked your template cant find the code to add to my blogger kindly help as i clicked the down load button but no code open. waiting for your reply

  64. to many template will kill me
    but thanks, may be i will use this one for my blog or Quanik Template

  65. Hello brother!
    Please tell me how to add 468×60 banner to top-right of header?

    Thank you if you please tell me.

  66. I am thinking about using this template. Can it utilize mouse over for the navbar? And if so, how?

  67. thanks a lot man ………. :-)

  68. great template ,
    thank you franklin

  69. Hey bro, thanks for this template.It’s cool.
    Do you have page number widget for this template?It would be very useful.

  70. I only have one question! How do I show more posts on the home page? With the widgets installed I need to show more posts in order to keep it symmetrical. Other than this one tweek, absolutely love it!

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  71. nice template sir…i have a question though. How can add or replace the banner part and what should be the size of the image? I don’t know which of these should I modify:


    #header-wrapper {

    #header-wrap {
    margin:0 auto;

    #header-inner {

    #header {
    padding:5px 0 0;

    #header h1 {
    margin:10px 0;
    padding:0 10px;

    #header h1 a {

    #header h1 a:hover {

    #header .description {
    padding:0 10px;

    #header img {

    #topads {

    /* wrappers

  72. Sudhir Palve

    Thanks for this amazing template, very clean ..i shall try it on my blog or suggest me some good templates for shopping.sites…
    You may have a look wat the blog looks like @

  73. How to add the number page navigation? Thank u..

  74. Very nice template, I want to ask, how to add number page navigation in this template. I have tried but failed. is there a little tutorial to make it?

  75. why make sub menu, sob..thanks ^_^

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  77. Within the image slider there is a broken image icon and its on the demo as well. how do we fix this?

  78. another issue is that you cannot use pages with this template. even when you directly link from the very top nav bar directly to the page, you cant open the age, its truncated.

  79. Hi, nice template sir…i have a question though. How can add or replace the banner part and what should be the size of the image? Can you help my?

  80. How can add or replace the banner part and what should be the size of the image? Can you help my?

  81. I installed this template .. It’s awesome and I really liked it .. but I face a problem that google ads. disappeared now .. please help me

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  83. Hi, can you suggest good SEO friendly template for my technical blog

    Thank you

  84. How do I align the text for post summary to be justified?

    Image thumbnails become square by default. is there a way to maintain the aspect ration of images in thumbnail?

  85. Is it possible to remove the HTML/Javascript widget? I have tried and get an error code… I made a mistake and put content in there that did not appear the way I preferred. Now I cannot remove content and it is in an area of the site I would not prefer. If I could move it to a different section, that would be even better. Thanks!

  86. Can i use hierarchy of PAGES at the top menu?
    i tried but didnt work .
    does this menu work properly ?

  87. I want to change the footer links, can I or how much I pay U ? :)

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  89. how i could change the tab lines on left top of template, where: home, about, services, tab 1, tab2, tab3…

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  91. Hi There,

    Just wondering how I would ad adsense under each article.



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  93. hi. how can i chance the image, description,and the link which is sliding with tap numbers

  94. Excuse me sir,
    this is my blog.

    how can i edit the ”top stories”?

  95. Hello Im in love with this templat, but I dont know how to change the images in the slider, please I need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  98. Hi! Great template you have here.
    I have a question about single posts. The share buttons and email section does not display. It just shows a gray area but when I place my mouse pointer over it, the area still has the share links (but no display). Please help.

  99. Hi, this is a great template but I when I insert code after the area for the menus, for example where it states “About” everything gets messy. The links simply sit static on the webpage (rather than drop down). How do I fix this? Without a fix I can’t use the template. I anticipate many hits and will give you full credit, but first I need to get this to work.

  100. Never mind, I figured it out. Your template is great and easy to use for novices like me, only I also wish I could change the menu bar colors. I have a few different sites and it would be nice to customize them. Still, your template is sooo much better than so many of the other ones out there. Thanks for sharing. Since I can use your basic template I’d consider buying one from you next time I update because I know yours works.

  101. How do I adjust the number of posts that appear on the home page?

  102. Saadman Rafat

    Thanks for the wonderful template. But Is there any way to remove the column in the middle?

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  104. sir, how to remove the slider column?

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  106. Hi! Your template is really great! Terrific! May I know how to remove the 3 small widgets (HTML/JavaScript at the upper right part, i don’t know what are they for? ) above the Top Stories Box? Also, how do i edit/ remove the 3 tabs at the uppermost part of the template (Category1, 2, 3 and Edit). Please enlighten me. Thanks! :)

  107. Hi 1 thing i want to incorporate, In search box i want my google ad search should show. Any idea how to do that

  108. If you need my help in setting up the template

  109. Hi. I am using your great template and already made several changes with the code. Can you please tell me what you did to show the full text if I choose to add another page and link it on the topnav? I made an about page and link it to ‘about’ on the topnav but it just show a fraction of the full text and the read more button. I have read the previous comments and knew that you already updated the template. If I would change it with what I have now, I will redo all the changes I made. Hope you understand my dilemma, just please tell me the changes you made to solve the problem and I’ll follow it. Thank you very much. Hope you’ll consider this request. God bless! :)

  110. Hi – I LOVE this layout & have been using it for some time now. I have done a couple of changes to the HTML & all was great until recently – there have been a few funky things happening.
    1. After the top slider vanishes & features my rolling list of categories, there is a red X next to the title.

    2. My ‘Share’ buttons are not showing up at the end of posts. I have selected this feature in the blogger basic settings, but they (add to FB, Tweet, Pin, etc.) are not showing up.


  111. hi Guys i have recently apply this template check how my site is looking i have fix all issues related to this theme! Techinformania

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  113. Hello

    would you pleaseeee help,,I finaly find and instal to be nice and added social sharing buttons,,fb coment box,,I done all but now when I add fb pop up like ,,it appears but then my slideshow stop,,only remain photos with text but not moving,,pleasee help I want fb like pop up and to my slides works like this what to do??

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