Toggler Blogger Template

Inspired by and based on the great web designer, Soh Tanaka’s simple toggle with CSS and jQuery tutorial, we created another unique yet space-saving Blogger template, Toggler. All the post contents are hidden by default and are visible when the post titles are clicked except in the post & static pages. The template also has a floating navigation menu which fades as you scroll down the page.

toggler blogger template

Another feature of this template is that it is made using CSS purely without using any images. ( Except the icon which links to the post page ). Please be informed that this template does not support widgets.

Template Instructions

If the date is displayed as “undefined” or not shown, please follow these instructions to fix the problem.

1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Formatting > Date Header Format. Set your date format to the correct date format as shown in the image below.

Another unique template from us, so tell us what you think about it…

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34 Responses so far!

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  2. THanks For Nice Template

  3. nice work.

    i’m now learning the trick. hope someday will released the new one base on this peek a boo trick.

    fyi, i just share your template on my blog.

    again, thanks for sharing.

  4. it’s a rock man…arghhh!!!

  5. i like this template..
    thx for sharing..

  6. Display the date for the article published the same day?
    Help me

  7. This is an amazing template! However, I am wondering if there’s anyway to make this into html and reduce its size? …I’m really wanting to use this in an iFrame on my FaceBook page. ^-^ If you’re able to help, please respond!

  8. How divided into two column?

  9. The theme displays is not good in IE , next version can fix is?

    • Yes the home,about,gallery and contact are displayed on top instead on the sidebar in Internet explorer (older version- just for testing)

  10. Is there any way to change the color of the toggler box depending on the category? …or just have two separate colored toggler boxes in general? Any help would be very much appreciated!

  11. nice template.. :)

  12. wow great template i like it ..!

  13. Awesome template man.:) Hats off to U..

    But I’m having a doubt. Is there any possibility to Change the Font of the Blog title.

  14. awesome!!i fall in love with this template but i have one request how create just a tittle display.Can you help me?

  15. wow i like this template
    can i add other widget?

    give me solution please

  16. Great template. I plan on using it for a website idea that asks for people’s opinions on certain subjects. Just checking to see if there is a requirement to keep the “Blogger Template by Bloggermint” note in the footer? I ask because some of the posts may be controversial (more of an editorial slant from users) and I was not sure if you wanted your name associated with certain subjects. I will personally review all posts before going live, so nothing will involve hatred towards any one sex, race, religion, nationality, etc.

    Thanks again.

  17. post-footer does not appear. how do I fix it ?

  18. i like this template


  19. I like this template. I have some help? Sample

  20. Thanks For The Template,
    But, Why No Widget ?

    I Want Use This Template But There No Widget :(

  21. cool! but can I change the font style? if ever the answer would be yes can you teach me how? :]

  22. thanks for your template. it’s verry beautyfull 😀

  23. Great template. Anyway, there are some cutout in my article as Youtube and images are large. How do I make the resize the main contents to fit my articles? I also tried changing the size 605 to 805, but then it is not center and the icon on the right of the article missing.

  24. Oh, one more my blog show only 1 post. Where to edit it to show more. I also looked at my blog format changed it to 10, but still only 1 showing.

  25. hi..
    How to center the image on homepage??
    In full post image displayed in center, but when in homepage can’t,,

  26. Wonderful! Thanks a lot!!!

  27. For some reason the effect where you open posts by clicking on them, but without leaving the start page, doesn’t work anymore. Now clicking on a post opens just this post’s page. I have tried this in different browsers, no change, and now I see the demo is also affected. Can this be fixed?

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  30. Muito legal esse template!!! ele é bem fácil de editar e combinou com meu blog! Obrigado! ^^

  31. Hello, very nice theme, simple, and convenient. Do you think removing theme wordpress compatible version I wonder? If you would appreciate answers …

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