Shopping Cart Blogger Template

We are proud to release Shopping Cart, the first ever free e-commerce/ online store template with “Add to Cart” and PayPal Checkout function for Blogger. Many had a view that Blogger cannot be transformed into an online store because people thought it is just a platform for beginners and does not have features like a CMS. But, we made it possible in this template. Even though there are so many website templates for accessories, we’re the first to release a fully functional website template for selling products and that too using a Blogger platform.

Thanks to the creators of Simple Cart script which powers entire cart functions in this template. Here is a screenshot of the blog which we set for demo purpose only.

Other blogging platforms like WordPress has “Custom Fields” option which lets us to add extra description such as price and thumbnails without having to add the HTML codes in post editor. But, Blogger doesn’t have that feature. So, we at tried our best to make the item posting as easy as possible by using tables method. Here is how the table looks in post editor.

Template Usage Instructions

Using Blogger’s “Post Template” feature, we are able to pre-format the post editor with text or code that will appear each time we create a new post. So, we will make use of that feature in this template. First, download Shopping Cart Blogger template and upload it to your blog. Now, go to Settings > Formatting. Set the desired number of posts to be shown in the blog.

Then, scroll down the page until you see “Post Template” option. Paste the following code into the text area. And click “Save“.

<table border="1" style="width: 660px;">
  <th class="item_thumb" id="thumb" width="45%"><a href="" onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}"><img alt="" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5610175970378217570" src="" style="cursor: hand; cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 164px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 148px;" /></a></th>
  <td><input class="item_add" type="button" value="Add to Cart" /></td>
  <th><b>Item Name</b></th>
  <td class="item_name">Product Name Goes here!</td>
  <td class="item_price">$99.99</td>
  <td class="item_Description">Your product description here!</td>
  <th><b>Available Stock</b></th>
  <td>Stock count here!</td>
  <td>Place extra thumbs/images of product here</td>

Here is the screenshot of post template which has been added with the code.

Now go to Posting | New Post and you’ll see the table there in your post editor. You can remove the default image that we have added in the code by clicking on it and select “Remove“. Then, upload your item image inside that table cell. We suggest you to use images of medium sizes.

Fill in other options such as Item Name, Price and Description by replacing the default texts. They will be used as values by the SimpleCart script during the PayPal Checkout. And please remember that your Item Name must be unique. Now, click on the HTML Mode in post editor and remove the unnecessary <div>.... </div> in the code for item image. We need only the <img ... /> which has been highlighted in the image below.

So, this is how it will look once we remove the <div>.... and <a href.... which wraps <img ... code.

You can change it back to “Compose” mode, add/edit any information about the product and hit the “Publish” button. That’s all.

PayPal Email Setup Instructions

Go to Design > HTML. Search for using CTRL + F. You will find this piece of code.

<script type='text/javascript'> = &quot;;;
simpleCart.checkoutTo = PayPal;

simpleCart.cartHeaders = [&quot;thumb_image&quot; , &quot;Quantity_input&quot; ,   &quot;Total&quot;, &quot;remove&quot; ];


Replace the default PayPal email that we set ( to yours. And Save the template. You’re done! Here is a sample screenshot of PayPal pop up window during checkout.

We have planned for a paid PRO version of this Shopping Cart with more advanced features and professional look. Please keep the footer credit links intact. If you want to remove the link you have to pay a little fee. And, if you want to get the template customized , contact us. Also check our Blogger Template site Blogger Templates Hub Blog for latest blogger templates.

Update 08/06/2011 :

For those who don’t have PayPal/credit card, you might want to use email contact form. You can replace “Add to Cart” button with a email contact/feedback form link by following the steps below. Heartfelt thanks to one of our blog reader, Vivija(Ble) from Skopje, Macedonia, who spent her time to find this method.

First, go to and register for a new account. Once you logged into Kontacr, scroll down the page until you see the “Ajax Embed Widget” or “Buttons Code” and get your Kontacr ID which will look like this :- id=39662;. Copy it and keep it for the usage in the coming steps.

Now, go to Design > Edit HTML . Add the code shown below just before the closing </head> tag.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Then, search for the piece of code shown below using CTRL + F.

    bottom: 9px;
    font-size: 11px;
    position: absolute;
    right: 15px;
    width: 90px;

There are two input.item_add{ codes in this template. But, you can differentiate them by looking at the CSS declarations inside { .... }. Search for the input.item_add{ code which comes earlier in CSS part. Then, replace it with this code.

    bottom: 9px;
    font-size: 11px;
    position: absolute;
    right: 15px;
    width: 90px;

So now, search for the second input.item_add { code at the bottom of the CSS Part.

input.item_add {
    font-size: 17px;
    height: 40px;
    margin: 5px 0 0 140px;
    position: relative;
    width: 120px;

And replace it with

span.item_add {
    font-size: 17px;
    height: 40px;
    margin: 5px 0 0 140px;
    position: relative;
    width: 120px;

And now click “Save Template”. Once saved, go to Settings > Formatting and search for the “Post Template” option which is located at the bottom of that page.

Add the following code into the text area there and click “Save Settings“. But before that, remember to change the id=39662; with your ID in Kontacr which you get earlier.

<table border="1" style="width: 660px;">
  <th class="item_thumb" id="thumb" width="45%"><a href="" onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}"><img alt="" border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5610175970378217570" src="" style="cursor: hand; cursor: pointer; display: block; height: 164px; margin: 0px auto 10px; text-align: center; width: 148px;" /></a></th>
  <td><span class="item_add"><script type="text/javascript"> id=39662; t=1; ctxt="Order Now"; </script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></span></td>
  <th><b>Item Name</b></th>
  <td class="item_name">Product Name Goes here!</td>
  <td class="item_price">$99.99</td>
  <td class="item_Description">Your product description here!</td>
  <th><b>Available Stock</b></th>
  <td>Stock count here!</td>
  <td>Place extra thumbs/images of product here</td>

And you’re done. I have updated the demo blog with email feedback links in several items. Thanks again to Vivija.

Update 25/07/2011 :

Due to some suspicious changes in our Google code, where we hosted our script, the Cart Javascript was not working. We have reuploaded the js file. We are are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Search for the following code in your template HTML editor.

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

And replace it with the newer source URL.

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Update: I am trying to get the demo URL back to the form. For some unknown reason the Demo blog wasn’t working. So I have contacted Blogger, hope they fix it soon.

Update 2: We have fixed the demo blog issue. Thanks for your patience.

If you want some new features added to the template, hire me for the customization. Hourly rates starting from $25/hr.

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    “But… really confuse whether such day will come or not. ;P “

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  5. nice work but ,, not the first time already people have released such a template with simple cart.js

    check this

    but nice design dude good job!

    • Thanks, Vijay! Anyway, we are proud with our template which has most of the basic features needed in an e-commerce site, better User Interface, fast loading, image-less template except those images uploaded by bloggers itself in the posts 😀

  6. Nice template.!!!!! I’ve never expected a template like this for free

  7. Superb work… brothers! Bring the platform one step forward.

  8. How to change navbar color.?

    • Go to Edit HTML and search for this

      #navigation {
          background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #555555;

      In the code above, change the color code as you wish.

  9. Thank you.

  10. We have a lot of other sites offering their first ever shopping cart blogger template too. You might want to Google that….
    What my point is, we have another site which had provided shopping cart blogger template a way back….
    so i don’t think this is the first one….

    • Hi Sanjay! Thanks for the time that you spent for commenting. To tell the truth, I just realized about the template which was released earlier in another blog after informed by our blog reader, Vijay, in the comments.

      We already started the template in end of April but postponed it because we were working on the redesign of Anyway, I would like to mention here that this is the first blogger template which contains most of the basic features, most user-friendly options for posting the items, the fast-loading and more!

      Thanks again for you comment, dude! Cheers! 😀

  11. May i know how to change the cart currency to Malaysia Ringgits?

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    Anyway to translate this to portuguese? Where can I change the fields so i can put in portuguese language?

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    But how to change the look of the “Add to cart” button?

    • Hi! Search for this code in CSS part and modify it accordingly.

      bottom: 9px;
      font-size: 11px;
      position: absolute;
      right: 15px;
      width: 90px;

  15. And may I used Feedback form instead of PayPal method?

    • Sorry, the open-source script that we’re using for this template does not have such features :(

    • Hi Unifume! We’ve updated the post about replacing PayPal with a Feedback form.

      • Hi Reth..

        I tried to change Pay Pal Button to Contact Form using Mr.Ble way by registering with Kontactr and do so and so like he advise, but the result is pretty bad. I failed..

        But, i would love to replace my Pay Pal button more to Feedback form. So, can u tell me where is the post that contain the guideline on replacing it?? Please.. I need tht urgently..

        Btw, u are so much great thn u thought u be.. Thanks for all the guidance on everything. You and your team work..!

        • Download the template file once again and apply it to your blog.

          • Frank,
            i just simply download it once again??

          • Hi Dustymie Lilac’,

            I visited your blog and you made the feedback form working successfully by following our instructions up there. Cheers!

            • yeaaaaaahhhh….
              thank you to both of you….
              i really appreciate that…!

              you guys are one of the tremendous guy with such a kind heart to explain all this to us..!

              keep it up guys.. thnks so much for the time and effort..!

            • anyway,
              if u kind enough n hve some times to put some extra effort, can u tutor me on how to remove that Shopping Chart Column since it has no function in my site..

              thanks again…

              • Delete this, and everything in between.
                Shopping Cart Starts
                Shopping Cart Ends
                I think this will be enough. I don’t remember everything what I did to mine template:)

  16. Can you add the coupon feature as in wp ??

  17. How do I change a transaction dollars to Rupiah (indonesia) in your shopping cart…………

    • I’m sorry to inform that this template doesn’t support Indonesian Rupiah. Since, this is a open-source script which we got from Net, many of the features are very basic and limited.

  18. I am trying this out. Great template, really needed from the blogger community. I would like to point out that some code for adding the shipping costs is needed too. especially for those who ship internationally in different zones and the prices change a lot. I have no clue how to write code so I am asking you if you think it is possible to get the shipping costs added to the final price.

    and even more complicated …can they be differentiated based on location.

    • Hi Ana! I understand your needs. We tried to make this template to come with most basic features. We’ll include other options such as coupon code, shipping costs, and more in future version of it.

  19. great job \m/

  20. Now the table is not working with the new blogspot platform :(

    • Hi Chris! We’ve used new Blogger blogs with updated post editor for the demo. The table is working fine in our post editor and others too.

      After adding the table code in the “Post Template” under “Settings > Formatting”… go to New Post. If it shows HTML code on the editor, simply select “Compose” mode, so now you will see Tables in your post editor.

  21. how to setting checkout without paypal, just send email to confirm

    • Hi Nang! Sorry :( We’ve used an open-source script for this template. It doesn’t support advanced e-commerce features.

      • I’m working on some scripts where the payment method can be selected, it has Google checkout, PayPal and i’m searching for more methods, i’ll tell you when i’m done…..

        • Hi Sanjay! Thanks for you effort. This is the spirit MAN!!! And yes, this Simple Cart does support Google Checkout. Look at the comment below, a blog reader found a way to use email confirmation for the order. I will write an update with detailed steps regarding that.

    • inside the original simplecart script seems like there is an option to set the checkout to email by setting

      simpleCart.checkoutTo = Email;

      but u need another separate php script to send and receive the email. Find out more at

  22. Need the same thing,e-mail confirmation for order. That would be great, not everyone have pay pal in their country, neither they haveenough trust to give credit card to anybody.

  23. Found a way to cheat for paypal:) Insert contact form instead paypal checkout.
    In Post template insert :

    id=96273; t=1; ctxt=”НАРАЧАЈ”;

    Item Name
    Product Name Goes here!


    Your product description here!

    Available Stock
    Stock count here!

    Place extra thumbs/images of product here

    This part:
    id=96273; t=1; ctxt=”Order”;

    is added instead Add to cart. You have to register on and put your ID number.
    On mail you provided with Kontactr, you’ll get info like this:
    Sender’s name : Blabla
    Sender’s Email :
    Referrer :

    That’s detailed info:) Hope I have help someone.

    • hi Ble! You just did a great find on adding contact form to the template. Unfortunately, you did not include your REAL NAME and URL. Please do the next comment with your name and blog URL so that I mention you in post.

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    • Hi Vivija(Ble)!

      Welcome. You did a good customization on this template! A much BIGGER thanks to you for your idea of using Kontacr 😉 I’ve updated the post with a link to your website. Cheers!

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    • Hi Paul Santosh! Yes, dude!

      We’ve found it yesterday and Franklin asked that blogger to remove that post in 24 hours via Twitter. I even commented there. But, it looks like he has removed my comment and still keeping that post. This issue is heavily serious. Today, we’re going to make DMCA complaint to Blogger.

    • We filed the complaint to Google just now.

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    • Read the comments!!!
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      Shopping Cart Starts
      Shopping Cart Ends

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    • pictures should be about 300×200 or larger. Template resize them automatically, so it’s better to be larger. If it goes over right line, just place it ‘left'(when you click on picture there’s options-left, center, right…)
      (bloggermint, sorry for answering :) )

      • Haha. I appreciate you in spending your time and responding to comments. We love to have commentators like you. Frankly its hard for me to reply to each and every comments posted on every post.

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    However, for those who don’t have a paypal account or don’t want to sell thing by using paypal account will face the problem here.

    Therefore, i suggest to change the link of the “checkout” button from paypal to Kontactr. Thus, when the buyer hit the “checkout” button, the kontactr form will pop-out.

    I totally have no idea on how to develop this thing up. If i do know about it, i will do it and share with everybody. Thanks for spending time reading this comment.

    • Contact form from Kontactr is only for one item, you can’t order several items all at once (in one form). It would be great if someone knows how to change this.

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  79. Due to some suspicious changes in our Google code where we hosted our script, the add to cart wasn’t working. We are re-uploading the js file. We are are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    • Read the bottom of the post content and change the link appropriately.

      • i just tested the add to cart and nothing is happening. i replaced the code as stated above and its still not working.

      • I’ve emailed twice and I am not getting any responses. I’ve posted several comments and no responses. Getting a bit frustrated. I know it’s free, but I feel like there is not enough information for us out here who download your template. We need more guidance. You should a do’s and don’ts list and a FAQ list for us to who are having problems. Our answers might be there. How do you get the cart to work? I tried changing your code as you instructed and is not working.

        • The cart is working. I even checked your blog and its working.

          P.S – We release so many templates and we have our own jobs to do in the morning. This is the only advanced shopping cart blogger template which is available for free. We made a very lengthy post to describe how to configure it. I hope everyone should understand us for not replying to mails and comments properly. Also this is not the only post we have, there are more than 150 post here each post gets comments every day.

          If you need customization of your template kindly get our premium support. We wish to help, but practically its impossible to do it for free.

          • Ok thank you for checking. My apologies if I came out too harsh.

            One last question … I promise.

            Did you notice the images how are they overlapping? Can you please tell me how to fix that where only one image is showing on the display page? Please? Thank you!!!

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    • Hi! How did you add a background and the extra tabs? Thank you!

      • those extra tabs are actually page. Just posting and edit pages and create a new page

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    • Nick, look at the image under “Template Usage Instructions”.

      The image shows 9 posts.
      Change this number to 12 and save.

  89. I saw that this shop is built around version 2.0.1 of simpleCart.js.
    The latest version at their site is 2.2.1.

    When there is economic transactions involved the security should be a priority. I don’t know exactly what they have changed since 2.0.1 but I would like a comment about this from the developer here.

    One way would be to keep the URL and update it silently when needed.

    Another way would be to release a new version also for the Blogger XML.

    And a third way would be to just leave this as is …

    Can you please comment on these things?

  90. i still get only 4 post and i have 12 post to show on the main page. how can i fix this issue?


  92. my images still don’t look right. I added one image at the top and several at the bottom just as it is on the template. But, for some reason, the bottom images is now overlapping to the top … you have to see my blog to see what I am talking about .. Franklin, did you get a chance to look into this? Could you please tell me how to fix this? Thanks!!!

    • Bonnie, if you click at the product title you can see more about it. So if you click at the “Teacup Tree Tower Centerpiece” and compare to another product page you will find that this page need some fixing.

      The easiest thing to do is to just make a new entry and copy the text and images. This will surely be faster than to try and find what went wrong. Then delete the old entry when you are done.

  93. how can i add a select color box for shoes and select box for sizes to the cart while checking out?i sell shoes and costumers want to choose size and colors is it possible to add that ?im also getting 7 post only instead of 12 how can i fix that?

  94. I am testing the shopping card and I put the first item in but it seems to work until you go to checkout and in the checkout process the order summary it’s not showing the name of the product , can you assist me to fix this problem?
    thanks and great concept for a blogger template, great job.

  95. One of the finest templates I have ever seen. Good going Franklin

  96. Amazing template..and i put on my blog now..thank you very much..

  97. Nice template for online shop as well as blogging!! thanks for sharing..

  98. Hello, how change USD to IDR? since there is no “currency” at the template…please help :(

  99. Can this template be used IN Blog PAGE not as post or blog home?

  100. Hi. How can I change the background colour from white to something else? Is it possible if I put background image? Hope you can help me…

  101. Hi,

    The amount and the total showing on the shopping cart is wrong. How do I fix it?


  102. Is there a way to change the font and the color of the gray menu bar?

    • Can you be more specific which section of font-style you want to be changed?

      To change the navbar color go to Edit HTML and search for

      #navigation {
      background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #555555; /* Change the color value to change the nav bar color */
  103. Hi,

    I can’t find any notepad file when i download it.

    pls advise.

  104. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

  105. hi!

    thank you so much for the wonderful code! but i was wondering, is there a way to calculate shipping separately for each item?

  106. great template, would be able to change the currency to R$ Brazil, thank you

  107. Thank yoouuuuuuuuuuuuuu, it’s very nice !

  108. Thanks for sharing! SimpleCart made ecommerce cart simple. I was looking for a shopping cart to sell few products. I never thought my job will be done so easily. Thanks again!

  109. Thinking about using this, but wondering. Does it remove an item once it’s “out of stock”? I only list one of each item and don’t like having to post and remove constantly.

  110. Hi I have a few questions:)) 1 – how to change the background, 2 – how to change currency (BGN) Bulgaria, 3 – e-mail contact form, which Vivija (Ble) has indicated to me does not work, I see that other are broken, please help:)

  111. is there a way to add a drop down menu next to the add to cart button? I can put it in there but the cart doesn’t recognize what opetion is selected in the drop down menu. Please help me!

  112. How can I put a place for discount codes and have the cart recognize it? Please help me! I need to know ow to do this! Thanks!

  113. How can I make the button “Check Out” generates a list of items in the cart to email?
    Help me

    • i have the same question that mike

      • You mean like an invoice?

        • same question!
          I wonder if I can replace the “check out” button to “email”, so the customer can mailing out their orders at once after adding several items on the shopping cart. cuz so far, based on ur template, customer can only email one item at once, if they wanna buy something more, they have to email again, instead of generating a shopping list and mail out at once, plz help.

          Thanks again! and really nice template~

        • yes like invoice. how?

  114. Hello,

    First I want to say congrats! This template is great and very professional!

    Now I have a question. I have an ebook and audio self hypnosis system that I created and sell online. I want to know if you could tell me how to integrate the shopping cart feature from (this is where people download my product) into this template.

    Is that possible? The process is pretty much automated so that when people pay my paypal account they receive the link to download their product.

  115. Hello

    Excellent template.

    I want put background. How i can make it? Please where in the html code?

  116. it’s a great free e store blogger template ….. congratulation

  117. I’ve tried this template …. but i have one problem, can you help me……. on how to change the USD currency to Indonesian Currency. Thanks

  118. hi…

    nice tempalate…thank you..

    just want to know… why when i try install
    my blog become blank when view the item…
    any one can help me?

    check out my blog

  119. I came across with one question. All in all it’s a great template, as I understand you just took simple car java script and incorporated it with the template which you made. But there’s one thing that is bothering me which is usually you have a choice when you check out with paypal. You can sign in and pay or sign up. OR pay through paypal with credit card but the option which I stated is not listed there at least it’s not shown to me. Am I right about this or it’s just me who doesn’t see the option. Because if you have to sign up in order to pay for product people will loose the customers in this way, since not everyone are willing to go through that just because they want to buy something. Thank you for your response.. :]

  120. For those who find problems with currency, I have tried various methods to change but still a crow because of this the cart is simple in design to the USD and GBP only.
    Perhaps in one or two days I will get the currency code and we can share.
    Please be patient

  121. Hi there I like your template and all in all as I understand you took simplecart javascript and incorporated with the template, which is great because I have been having some difficulties and I couldn’t find how to just put the simplecart to blogger. Anyways, I find one problem here, that when you want to check out you have to sign in or sign up as a paypal member I don’t see pay as a guest option? This will definitely scare away some people so I want to ask is it possible to fix this problem is there just a minor change which has to be done and that’s it? Because I really want to use your template, but if I can’t give opportunity for people to pay through paypal as a guest I will just limit my business. I will wait for your reply, thank you :]

  122. hey..thank you very much for this template..very nice !

  123. Hi Franklin…
    Is there a step by step instruction how to use this template?


  124. Hi, it’s weird!
    when i press add to cart to the shopping cart, and i click checkout to paypal but
    why it show Error Detected Your shopping cart is empty?

  125. Guys,

    Great looking tool. Two questions:
    Is there a way to get 5 items across the width of the page? Even if that means moving the cart to the bottom like the Simplecart demo.
    Is there a way to get rid of the cart and have a “buy now” check out button next to the item instead of “add to cart”?

    For my application people would just buy the item not purchase multiple items in a cart.

    Thanks again!

  126. hello!

    thanks for this template . i need template support alertpay or libertyreserve and thanks .

  127. Love your template.
    However my blog turned blank when I install Kontactr.
    I can’t locate

    to replace with the new code.

    Where is it????


  128. Hello,

    When clicking the “Add to Cart”, nothing happens. We downloaded the template on 9/25/11. Please let me know if there is a fix that needs to be applied?


    • It happens to me as well. Wether I click on “add to cart”, “empty cart” or “check out”, nothing seems to happen!
      I just made the whole blog from scratch.
      Any tip?

      • SOLVED! i just missed the fixed code for the buttons, Sorry

        • Hi, I had same problem too…do you mind to sharing?
          Hopefully will get your reply soon.
          Thank you~

  129. Hi, Love the template
    but how do I make my header show up?
    It’s being cropped by the pages.


  130. Hello, I’m having an issue with IE8. When adding items to the shopping cart apparently some errors happen with the script as show at the image:
    Can you please check this and help me to solve this issue?
    Thank you!

    • I’m having the identical issue with IE8 – works great in every other browser, but the thumb isn’t getting generated properly in the cart in IE8. Trying to debug the JS, but not having much luck…

  131. Wow… Cooolll thanks for sharing maannn..

  132. Hello, nice template… But I think the shopping cart doesn’t work when I log out from Blogger. I tried to logged in again to blogger, then the shopping cart worked. Why?

  133. Thank a lot for this Great JOB!
    I have successfully installed this to my website but here is some problem with shopping cart.
    Problem finds- When you add a item to cart it will add to cart exactly but on reopen website, shopping cart doesn’t refresh i mean it should blank.
    so please fix this its my humble request to you.
    i know you can fix this problem easily come on whojo group

  134. Hi Franklin,
    My site turn to blank after apply the instruction of Kontacr by Vivija.
    Is there any fix coding that not updated yet..?Pls advise.

  135. Hi, This is an awesome template!
    I got a question,
    How do you change the font size of the product name?
    I’ve been trying to figure it out. Is it here .post{ ? It’s a link, I don’t think it can be edited by using this>> “font-size:”


  136. Nice theme. Its so useful.. Thanks anyway

    How to change the currency to other currency that appear in the total cart.

    And at the tutoial above, we put 2 times html codes on “Settings > Formatting and search for the “Post Template” “, its that right?


  137. hay, i have a trouble..
    how to change currency from $ to Rp in shopping cart calculator in right side..?
    please help me..

  138. Hey Franklin,
    What an AWESOME template!Anyway,
    I have a small question here regarding the postings.

    I set 9 post for main page,yet i found my posts fall in Older pages…or not lining up in a proper instruction..
    (i’m doubt over the POST OPTION section on “automatic” and “scheduled at”)
    May i know how to solve this issue please?

  139. thanks man, great template

  140. Hi,
    My site turn to blank after apply the instruction of Kontacr by Vivija.
    Is there any fix coding that not updated yet..?Pls advise.

  141. That’s perfect. Just what I need. Thanks a lot

  142. Hi Franklin,

    Thanks for your tutorial above.
    But, I got same problems with Joko, my site turn to blank also after apply newer source URL :

    Pls help to fix this. Kindly appreciate your help. Thanks

  143. So, I wonder, how to better specific the measurements of images which I want to add, to looking good on ‘home page’ on preview. Is there any way to fix that “flatten”?

  144. There is no showing of “shopping cart” how to solve this problem?

  145. Hey guys figured out how to fix the issue with Kontractr!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once you successfuly add the code, search

    Once you find it (it should be above /head), delete this line. Dont worry it works! Save template and there you have it!

    Thanks bloggermint for the awesome template
    and to show you it works,
    please go to
    Click order now and you’ll see!

  146. hi.. thanks for this template.. its very good… n first i find it to blogger..
    i just wanna say that i cant save this script….

    please replay my comment and how to change paypal to email.cuz i have not paypal..

  147. hi guys… f u want to change the backgroung, change this code.

    body {
    color: black;
    font: 14px/1.6 Arial,Verdana,sans-serif;
    margin: auto;
    width: 940px;
    background:#fff url( repeat-x;

    change the URL image and delete -x in the last code.

  148. Hi
    what about the currency i want in in Euro


  149. i’m so interest with the template,
    but i have problem, How to changing $ to Rp because i’m indonesia??

  150. Hello,

    The page of my blog does not open when I connect on the Internet via my mobile phone, since I changed the template.

    You can help me to resolve this problem please!


  151. Hi, I encountered the same problem as Joko above.
    I did everything you said but my page is now blank.
    I’ll appreciate your reply on this, thank you!

  152. Thank you so much for this post!
    I just wanted to ask, can’t you use any other currencies for your prices instead of $USD?

  153. Changing the currency in simpleCart(js) is now very easy. You can set the currency in the header after adding the cart:

    simpleCart.currency = EUR;


    simpleCart.currency = Euro;

    A few quick notes:

    The default is US Dollar.
    When you change the currency, any views will use the correct symbol.
    Google Checkout only supports USD and GBP at this time.
    simpleCart(js) does not do any conversion between currencies.

    Here are the supported currencies (all are supported in PayPal ):

    AustralianDollar or AUD
    CanadianDollar or CAD
    CzechKoruna or CZK
    DanishKrone or DKK
    Euro or EUR
    HongKongDollar or HKD
    HungarianForint or HUF
    IsraeliNewSheqel or ILS
    JapaneseYen or JPY
    MexicanPeso or MXN
    NorwegianKrone or NOK
    NewZealandDollar or NZD
    PolishZloty or PLN
    PoundSterling or GBP
    SingaporeDollar or SGD
    SwedishKrona or SEK
    SwissFranc or CHF
    USDollar or USD

  154. if i added that script, my blog shows nothing like your demo

    would you like to update the template


  155. has anyone tried the kontactr button? i can’t use it. it says internal error for the kbox button. anyone can help? thanks.

  156. hi i would like to add a decimal in the price of the shopping cart.
    since my noneda is in pesos, not dolares, but adding another zero in the preciodel shopping cart value would be solved my problem.

  157. 1) Hello great template, use it as template for e-commerce assgt.
    i like to change the add to cart button to a picture/link.
    how do i do that?

  158. Hi All,
    When I upload the shopping cart template it gives me below message,

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog.

    Error 500

    Please help, Thank you.

  159. Great Blogger theme bro, will test this soon. Also thanks Vivija for email contact form alternate :)

  160. hi,

    For payment option, possible to use local (malaysia) bank in details?

  161. Is there any way from which we can use alertpay option for payment instead of paypal?

  162. awesome template :)
    i hope as soon as possible can use for amazon affiliate :)

  163. Above, you have the paypal image with the ‘option=”thumb” ‘(oslt), but mine doesn’t show and since all my stuff LOOKS the same (soap, you know), I don’t need the thumbnail hovered or listed on the summary page for the customer. It’s giving this error message just before paying with paypal. Any Idears how to fix? I’ve looked through the code and know that I’ve seen paypal options, but I’m blanking on it at the moment.



  164. saya sudah ikutin semua caranya tapi kok malah blank, mohon bantuan’nya.

    In English.

    I’ve just follow all the way but what I actually blank, ask the help.

  165. Hi, I would like to change some features of this template, can you help me with this?

    I would like to change the check out so it would send me an email of my customer order. because i’m not going to use paypal to trade with my customer as most of the Malaysian not fell very convenient by using that.

    I saw some of the online store using check out that direct to bank transfer (MPES), how do i do that?

    Hope you can help e with this, thanks for you time.

  166. can i add amazon products in this template?

  167. Dear Blogger Mint, I like this template. Here is some question to you, how it the payment not use paypal. or email but amazon affiliate, does it work. Thanks for your answer, need you feed back soon

  168. Thanks U Very Much,,

  169. Why,, after i changed to kontactr,, the blog be BLANK like this

  170. I just tried this template. it looks nice but some features you provide dont work. Prominently in changing
    after doing this, the template wont work again. Please fix this..


  171. Regarding the currency changing…..If I want THB (Thai baht), how can I set it? The script seems to support only
    case USD:
    case CAD:
    case AUD:
    case NZD:
    case HKD:
    case SGD:

  172. bro.. let me know how to change currencies to Malaysian Ringgit or MYR.. found out even I changed them manually nothing happen.. From the previous answers the currencies do not include malaysian ringgit. Tq sir..

  173. hello, I tried this templete on my blog, but there was an error.
    when I add item to cart, thumb image in the shopping cart(right wrapper) doesn’t appear. It only appears x image with “/> this letters. And then after I click check out button, there has also an error about options area. the item image is appeared though, it says ‘Options: thumb=<IMG…Options: thumb='
    how can I change it? also, is there anyway that I can add shipping fee on this templete? thanks.

    • Hi, have you manage to fixed the issue on image displaying ‘x’?

      I’ve encountered the same issue. Please share how you’ve fixed.

  174. Great job with this template. Would love to use it! Can you pls help me to add Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) to your .js file? Thank you!

  175. Hi, this looks great but how do I add the template into my blog? I’ve downloaded the simplecart file but no idea which file should I upload.

  176. Hallo Franklin,

    The template looks great! Would it be possible to get a personal help with my blog to integrate the shopping card and to adopt it with my personal needs?

    How much would be that?


  177. for malaysian, i do below changes in HTML tamplate editor and when i click check out button the currency will be in MYR in paypal checkout page.

    1) add
    after USDollar=USD=”USD”;

    2) in this area

    this.shippingCost = 0;
    this.currency = USD;
    this.checkoutTo = PayPal;

    change USD to MYR become

    this.shippingCost = 0;
    this.currency = MYR;
    this.checkoutTo = PayPal;

    3) in this area

    case USD:
    case CAD:
    case AUD:
    case NZD:
    case HKD:
    case SGD:

    add case MYR: become

    case USD:
    case MYR:
    case CAD:
    case AUD:
    case NZD:
    case HKD:
    case SGD:

    this is what i do base on try n error

    but i still cannot find the way to change the $ symbol to RM or MYR in shopping cart table on the top right.
    from my understanding (i’m a newbie) it related with simpleCart.js file which i cannot understand at all.
    hopefully some one can show us how…

    Anyone ????

  178. regards
    would be no way it can make the purchase by sending mail when the order is entered in the cart

  179. thanks! this great post..

  180. Hi all,
    This template look simple but great..however how to use it with local bank? Malaysian.

  181. Hi,
    anyway, how to add more function like “About Us”, “Special Offer” in the same line with the “HOME”?

  182. Hi, thanks so much for your templates. After a bit of tweaking I have the template I always wanted minus the Paypal (cos I’m using Order Form). ! Yippeeee :)

    Only now, how do I put my logo of my company on the header? I have tried upload my header but it came out cropped.

    Appreciate your help. Thanks

    • You have to change the width of the header to the size of your logo. Change it here:-

      #header {
      text-align: left;
      overflow: hidden;
      width: 1024px;

    • Anne! Please share with me how you did it with email form? TQSOMUCH!

  183. Thank you for creating such a great e-commerce template for us. The best part of this template is it’s free.

    E-commerce template is relatively expensive for newbie like me who want to create first online store. And this post helps me much.

    Keep up the good work :)

  184. To resolve the blank page,,

    it’s in your design/edit html

    change that by

    if you use the Kontacr

  185. Hello, thanks for creating this great template, I find it really useful and easy to use, but I do have a problem; on the homepage appears, with the product’s image also half of it, and also i cannot press it in order to get to the post. So the link which is supposed to send to the full post doesn’t work.

  186. What is currency of VietNamese?


  187. how to change $ sign appearing in shopping cart ? kindly describe in detail.

  188. Hi,

    I am very frustrated with this template, as it does not work when adding the email instead of Paypal. All that appears is a blank white screen. Please help, Thank you!

  189. I have been looking for this forever!!!! Thank You! I have a question tho.. I put the code on one of my pages instead of my entire blog’s template. I can’t seem to put/know where the paypal code should go to properly work. Should I still add it to the design<html area???

  190. Hi there id like to ask this.
    I want to use this e-shop template for my blog with only one difference.
    I mean i need all the features available but since i am not a real seller i want when the visitor checks out via pay pal , i want the checkout to be a donation instead of a payment. So i need the visitor to be able to see that this is a donation he’s gonna transfer money too…
    i hope i made mtyself clear enough.
    thanks in advance (is it possible to mail at me with any answer whenever you ll be able to answer?)

  191. When I put create a “pages” which is a web address instead of internal pages, the navigation item at the top disappear. And I check the template code, the is being modified. Is it a bug?

    Thanks for your help.

  192. Dude! this is great sharing for me as beginner!
    anyway, thanks for this really² awesome template! also thanks to Simple Cart script creators.

  193. hello dear people, a question: how to add or modify the checout button to put the shipping fees options? thanx in advance for this beautiful template

    • I was able to add shipping information into my paypal account, so it’s added during the checkout portion with PayPal.

  194. Hii!!

    Thank you very much for this tutorial! But I need a little help, please…Is it possible to set up this cart to work with moneybookers? I have code for their payment button. Just tell me, what part I need to replace (what to do, to remove paypal button). Thank you!

  195. This is an awesome template. I was wondering if it’s possible to add a drop down menu for item color choices? I can do that using PayPal buttons but not sure how I can incorporate it into this template.

    Your help is appreciated.

  196. hey … can you insert Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to javascript ..??

    thx ^_^

  197. Is it possible to set the stock quantity? also are we able to set the it as one per person purchase?

  198. ohhh great..thnks 4 sharing :)

  199. Thank you for this awesome template… I love it… Can we change the background color from white… to another. If anybody knows… please help me!!! Thanks

  200. The template was working fine for 2 days….now I can’t even seem to checkout…
    Can anybody help?

  201. (I do not speak English, use translator) Thanks for the template, I created her shop:
    I have a problem: when a customer makes a purchase you get an email with strange codes belonging to the image of the product:

    N.º de artículo 1 , Options: thumb=<a href="; imageanch

    ¿Do you know that's the problem? thank you very much.

  202. Love the template, but I’m having issues with items added to cart STAYING in the cart. The next time you click anywhere, they’re gone. Help! Any ideas?

  203. yea, just go into edit html and click “ctrl f” then type in background color or #000 and it should pop up… when you look for #000 make sure it say’s background color before it. If you need a color pilate to change the color number google “internet color pilate” or something.

  204. can i use this template for affiliate like amazon or ebay?

  205. nice tips…thanks

  206. hye, regarding the not using paypal method, when a viewer send the messege, where would it direct to? is it to my email used in kontactr?

  207. Hi.

    Just wondering if anyone was able to fix the thumbnail not showing properly in cart with internet explorer 8?

    Have been trying with emulations and x-ua compatible but no luck.

    Tks for any feedback.

  208. pls tell me how can i change the total Chart currency from $ to IDR ?

  209. It has the power to change this templete ecolher by putting two more forms of payment such as paid or market pagseguro, conseqguir who sends me an email that I paid.

  210. Hi,

    what does it mean when i click on checkout and the message shows this on the paypal page?

    “Data does not match input character set or default encoding. For more information, please contact the merchant.”

    i cant seem to find out whats wrong with it.

  211. anyway, how to add more function like “About Us”, “Special Offer” in the same line with the “HOME”?

  212. Thanks a loooooooot for this :)

    I luv it. Exactly what I needed.

    I just have one small issue. When I add pages, they don’t stick in the grey background but appear below it.

    how can I fix it ?

  213. Não consegui mudar o paypal para enviar email :/

  214. Hi i know u presented an email contact form option. But can i make use of the shopping cart and when i checkout, it will email the information to the owner?

  215. WAWWW GREAT!!
    thanks a lot for sharing this article

  216. Have a question for you dear – is there a way to add freebies that can be directly downloaded when the customer checks out and an email sent with download links without going through PayPal for those?

  217. how do I change the the currency? and how will I link it to pay pal with that information?

    • Edit the HTML file in blogger

      simpleCart.checkoutTo = PayPal;
      simpleCart.currency = USD; —-> change this to your currenc

  218. Thanks! This is awesome! By the way, how can I change the “$” in Shopping Cart into “RM” and change the background?

    • modified simplecart.js will be the answer…. but i dont know is paypal or google checkout receive RM???

  219. Hi there,

    I’ve uploaded this and followed the instructions as said above. I’m having a problem with pictures. My pictures show up very wonky and weird as if being stretched. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Can I get some help please? thanks 😀

    This is a GREAT template and so EASY (well up until the picture issue)

    Thanks bunches

  220. Themes is very useful to open small online shop

  221. Verry Helpfull,
    I’ve just created a shop for my friend based on this, and i modified simplecart to be able to send an email notification. so when buyer klik checkout, then it will send me an email consist of item name, how much, price per item, name, address, and phonenumber….ahahaha…with a funny mod…
    now i want to modified the theme…. im new in blogspot…..

    • can you share how you did that? thks!

    • Hi Fixme,

      Really appreciate you could share with us how to configure the e-mail notification. :)


  222. I tried to apply 2 methods for option payment (with paypal and no paypal) in my blog

    My problem is : why the thumb image did not appear at shopping cart?

    To anyone who want to help me .. thanks alot for your 😀

  223. Solved .. thanks n sorry for my previous posting :)

    Thanks n regards

  224. can i change their currency using MYR or RM it my country currency???

  225. just successfully send to
    need to improve it .. :) . thanks for this template.

    btw, the default menu is only HOME. How to add another menu ?

    • bisa bagi script Anda yang telah berhasil membuatnya, dan bagi cerita bagaimana memulainya hingga akhir, terima kasih.

  226. thanks for information.
    i want to make a online store.
    Best regards.

  227. Hi people,

    a very good suggestion here is that most of all I would have simply introduced the first model in my blog but it turned into the IMPLEMENTATION too stressful for me.
    I’ve tried with the lower model is also very easy to implement, but I’ve not yet managed the housing length of the true basket.
    What’s the quickest way to create an online store to target with this?


  228. Ok so What am I doing wrong? I’m testing this out and when I do exactly as this tutorial says my home page dont turn out right. Im not able to click on my items to get to their pages.

  229. Need some help here~ How do i add pages????!!!

  230. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for that good job on this template!
    I’m using it for a piano shop. It’s perfect but I have just a little request. Could you help me with that?? :
    I would like to automatically sort the products by price. Is it possible? And how??

    (example of a label page I would like to have sorted by price:

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  231. setelah script di-copy dan di-paste-kan ke edit template, ternyata kagak bisa dan ditolak oleh blogger, bagaimana niee … ada yang punya solusi…

    apabila dimasukkan ke dreamweaver dan di lihat di browser muncul “XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
    Location: file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/shoppingcart/shopping-cart.xml Line Number 2138, Column 23:

  232. I am wondering that why my posts always show not sure on my main page it is sometime 6 posts or 8 or 9 posts on my main page. I already set 9 posts.
    Anyway, can I set 15 posts on main page?
    Thanks for your help.

  233. If you try to add more than one item to the cart (try adding a few), some items don’t show up and there’s code on the description part of the item. Please help…

  234. i didn’t knew whether this was possible with blogger….i think payment gateway will be an issue here….

  235. Como alterar a moeda de dolar para real!

  236. When I added NEW PAGE it goes under the header. It’s not like the demo which is inside the gray header.

  237. Nice, it would be cool if it could be used as an amazon associates shop.

  238. I apologize if my question is too simple, how do I change the logo image shopingchart with me, I put it on blogspot. Thanks for the answer

  239. Hi I’m wondering if it’s possible to add in shipping options and costs into this shopping cart?

  240. thank you very nice template, I use it on my online store website, thank you very much :)

  241. I’m new to this… please help me to upload the cart into the blog. Do I upload it in, if so, how?

  242. Disregard that, I fixed it. My problem now is that my contact email sheet is all the way on the top of my page before everything else, how can I move it?

  243. woww.. wonderful theme.. thankss for sharing this one..

  244. How do I bypass the shipping charges? We’ll not be charging shipping and yet PayPal automatically calculates shipping cost from the credit card address. Please please please help!! If there is absolutely no free work-around, would someone please suggest another SIMPLE template i can use? I’m a newbie. This is for a raffle fundraiser of a non-profit… See e-shop site here:

    Thanks for your help!

  245. After pressing the checkout button, how do you get PayPal to open in the same window instead of opening in a different window?

  246. can i use it for vcommision program

  247. really nice thanx for sharing this

  248. Hi !

    When I paste the code in the template I get:
    We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

    When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

    Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
    Provide the following error code.


    This information will help us to track down your specific problem and fix it! We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Any suggestions pls?

    Thx Diego

    • go back to old blogger interface and paste the code.

      • Hi

        I have same problem. I can’t load it and copy paste it. Still unable to load it even using old blogger interface.

    • Hey, I had the same problem. I solved it by uploading the template rather than copy-pasting it. To upload the template go to Template and look at the top right of the screen, find a Backup/Restore button. Click it. There you will see how to upload this wonderful template for which I am thankful very much :)

  249. the cart allow 3 item only. Is there a way to change it?

  250. This template didin’t work well on my blog..
    I don’t know why..

  251. Thanks, it’s a great template. One small glitch tho, the shopping cart only allows 3 items when you browse through older item pages.
    So if I Added 7 items from Page one, and then clicked on older posts, only 3 items remain in the cart…

    Keep it up,.

  252. I want to change the background image and colors. When I put my html code in for the background body image, nothing happened. Is there something in your code that prevents me from customizing this to my own style? Please tell me how I can customize the background colors and image to reflect my personal style.

    Thank you,

  253. Nevermind. I got it to work. Thanks for this great template! :o)

  254. Hi. This is a great template. But is it possible to put affiliate link on the checkout instead of Paypal? Thanks.

  255. why i can not set my paypal ? please help me :)

  256. Hi,
    Thanks for the great template and the clear explanation that is easy to follow.
    Need your help a little here, tell me how to change the checkout straight to showing my contact form instead?

    Thanks in advance

  257. How to add liberty reserve checkout.

  258. My pictures distort… even when I make them small… suggestions?

  259. Thank you for the great template. I only got one question. Is there any way that I can change the gallery display image in larger size and in portrait orientation? Basically, is it possible to adjust the display size? Cause I learn that this template is better using square size images. TIA

  260. Hi is it possible to add more pages other than just ‘Home’ , eg. just like your demo? Thanks a lot!

  261. Hi,
    Great idea !
    One question : you say that we need to download the shopping cart file, then “upload it to your blogger”. But how to upload something in blogger ?

  262. Hi again 😉
    To be more accurate, I already have a blogger template. So if I download a new template, all my blog will be deleted. How to have my template + the shopping cart template in my blog ?
    Thanks so much

  263. looking like Wp theme…. lets i will try….

  264. is there anyway i can change the checkout from paypal to another such as alertpay or even moneygrame?

  265. Hello,

    Thanks for this GREAT template !!

    But, I need some help lol

    Everything seems to work up until I get to PayPal Email Setup Instructions. I cant seem to find the phrase SimpleCart in my HTML, It says phrase not found.

    I do have a paypal account and prefer to use paypal instead of an email contact form.


  266. Hi There,

    I have just downloaded your shopping cart code and input it into my Blogger page, but I am getting an error “Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is broken: ![CDATA[ ”

    If I close the Tag by putting a ]]> after the <![CDATA[ I get a new error message
    "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is broken: DATA" Since there word DATA is used a hundred times in the template I am not sure where the error really is. Any assistance on fixing this would be greatly appreciated cause I can't wait to start using this setup on my blog. :)

    Thanks so much for your efforts in getting this up and running and sharing it with us all. I played around with the demo and loved it.

    • Hi just a follow up in case anyone was having the same issues I was. I found out why I couldn’t use your shopping cart. I was using the Dynamic Views Blogger template and html/java script gadgets are not compatible.

  267. how to change the img thumb?

  268. Great template, I was wondering if there was a way to customize as far as adding a button that gave the customer the ability to input. We sell ebooks and need to know what format of ebook they want ie: epub, mobi, or PDF and need that to show in the order form?

  269. Is it possible to add a shopping cart just to a blogger page and not to the blogger home?

  270. Text in English: I’m from Brazil, I would like to integrate with the payment system PagSeguro is possible?

    Texto em Português: Sou do Brasil, gostaria de integrar com o sistema de pagamento Pagseguro é possivel ?

  271. Hi there! What an awesome template you have here! I never imagined I’d find something like it when I stumbled on it!

    So I have a question, and honestly I googled everything I could think of to try and find my answer before I bothered you with my silly questions 😛

    Is it at all possible to work it somehow with downloadable products? So that after paying with paypal, the customer is redirected to another place to download the products they purchased? I figure it’s a long shot, but it never hurts to ask!

    Again, thank you!

    • I have same question…….
      ( I mean if someone bought our product and downloading our product from our site so they get only one chance to download and also that tool should know that people download link successfully or not, if not, so it should continue from last, where its broken. )

      I hope you can understand what i am trying to say you.

      Thank you very much for your lovely template, WORKING CORRECT as you described.

      ***** Stars for you.

  272. Hi!

    Why the “item_name” of the posts DONT appear, causing that i see part of the table form?

    I do it all but nothing work. It’s a bug like the MAX 3 items that can achieve the cart?

    Thanks for your attention

  273. Olá, o seu template shopping cart não suporta pagamento em real, do Brasil, através do pagseguro. Poderia desenvolver um plugin que permitisse isso? Pois aqui utilizamos muito o blogger, porém não dá suporte para recebimento pelo pagseguro e google checkout. Obrigada!

  274. How to change the currency to MYR?

  275. Thanks for this template. Why every time I add or edit my pages then click on ‘save arrangement’, my pages links on the top bar are gone? My pages links also unintentionally added with certain numbers i.e. about-us_2?

  276. When I go to checkout on using the shopping cart template, under “options” I get the follwoing code with link:

    Options: thumb=<a href="; imageanchor="1" style="margin

    How can I get rid of that?

  277. hi i tried to set up my paypal account accordingly as u told.but it keeps saying on checkout error …cart is empty.even there are products for checkout

  278. Hye. have new dashboard. so how to install shopping cart in my blog. I’m a beginner for ecommerce blogspot.

  279. Hi, am trying out this template but when I click “Checkout” I get an error that says my cart is empty. I see others are posting that same question. Help?

  280. Hi.
    Great template, and so far so good!

    Many thanks

  281. Hi

    once checkout, the calculated currency is USD. how do i change this to my country currency, MYR?

  282. Is there a way to have a confirmation message after the user click the “send” button using kontactr’s form ?


    Thank you for your orders. You will be contacted within the next…. Please wait for confirmation email.

  283. Edit the HTML file in blogger

    simpleCart.checkoutTo = PayPal;
    simpleCart.currency = USD; —-> change this to your currenc
    >>> I did try this but the calculation remains in USD. Help!

    • Hello, Ros.

      Go to the very same place you went and put the currency you want between ‘single quotes’, without spaces at all.

      Ex.: simpleCart.currency=’USD’;

      At least it worked in the checkout section. I coudn’ t change the sign “$” to my currency “R$” when the items appear added to the cart. If someone manages to do it, please let us know here.

      I hope it helped a little bit. =)


  284. Also, is there a way to change the “order now” text into a button type javascript ? tried googling but there isnt a specific info that i could find. :/
    Thanks alot!

  285. hi,
    love your template!
    i have a problem with checking out.
    instead of checking out via paypal, i will like to send the order to my email instead. i found but am not sure where to insert the codes. thanks!

  286. i got several problem and i hope someone can help me

    – always got empty cart when i click checkout
    -only 4 items on page
    -how to change currency to MYR?

  287. may anyone do i change the background..

  288. i had a custom theme this template for my shop styles.
    just for sure,here is demo live template with a fake posts :

    thank you so much for this great template.

  289. duong tuan vu

    Template does not work when I make Update 08/06/2011.
    please help me!

  290. Thank you for the great template. So far it works like a charm!

  291. Hi, I’ve just created my on-line store, but recently there are problems with shopping cart… After I’ve added some items into the cart, I click “Checkout” (Comprar in spanish), and the program show me an error saying my shopping cart is empty.

    The other day, I tried to add 2 items into my cart, but when I clicked on “Checkout”, there was only 1 item in the cart.

    Help me if you can, please! I don’t want to change this template for my shop.


  292. I have started using your template and it is great. However, when I tested the paypal checkout it errors saying my cart is empty even though there is one item in the cart. Not sure why it is doing this, but if you could send me a suggestion, I surely appreciate it. Thank you.

  293. Actually it just started working. So, never mind and thanks again.

  294. Paypal checkout does not work

  295. hello!, yeah, i found this template great!

    but can i add more that 1 photos in the images of product..???

    • uhm also, to change the USD to PHP.. or the $ sign??
      i tried to find it in the template css code, but can’t find it.. :(

      • It works in my blog now. Just look and find this:
        simpleCart.currency ='USD';
        Then change it into this:
        simpleCart.currency ='PHP';

        It will still display as ‘$’ once in the cart but when you click Check Out and then once you’re taken on the PayPal page, the price will finally be in ‘PHP’

        Hope that helps.

  296. How can i have ,like in the demo,some posts with the “add to cart” button an some with the “order now” ?

  297. Hello, when I add several products the script does not add to the move to the paypal. I have to change something in the code?

  298. I am wondering if there is a way to add variations to the products as well as have the selections of the variations show up in the “Options” section on PayPal checkout instead of a thumbnail

  299. how to activate comment box? i have it,after i change its gone, but it still there just doesnt appear

  300. let me know how to replace the dollar ($) to rupiah (Rp)

  301. Hi, i just wanted to ask if i can replace paypal with payza?

    Its another online payment processor just like paypal

  302. Thanks for a great template, I still cant get the thumb preview to work on PayPal but everything else is great!

  303. Hellow Friend
    I like this Template very much………….
    but i want to add content me button buttom of check out in center can you help me…??

  304. Help me please!
    I cannot change simpleCart.currency = THB

  305. Hi there.
    I d like to really thank you about this template. Its like template heaven for us blogger.
    I have tried both versions Pay Pal Cart and Contactr and both have worked.
    Then i decided to go with the Cotactr one. Though i need help about this.
    You see Cotactr version suits me fine when the item is to be sold directly from me.
    But some items will be sold though Amazon Associate. So all i need is how to modify the code (Contactr version) and replace the whole contactr proceess with the link code provided by Amazon and so when someone click on the “Order now” text the Amazon link takes action…
    Honestly i think that this one may work for all of us using your awesome template

  306. Thank you, this is useful for me, you was help me to find the blogger store. This template and tutorial is very awesome and helpful for me especially, thank you so much!

  307. HEY GOT IT!
    ALL CURRENCY FOR simplecart.js

  308. How to change $ to ฿ on shoping cart

    Product name goes here!
    How to change $1000 to ฿1000

    total How to change Currency from $ to ฿

    thk… sir

  309. Currency MYR can’t funtion in shopping Cart

  310. how I can to replace the dollar ($) to Dominican (Do)

    Noticias Curiosas

  311. planning to purchase this one

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