Create Your Own Social Sharing Widget With Sharrre

Almost 95% of the blog has social share widgets to share the post on social networking websites. This case is not only for blog, but also for the websites. Now normally social share icons are added individually or using share widgets. The point is – all these social icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) has its own style of button. So in this post, I am going to talking about Sharrre a nifty jQuery plugin for creating your own social share widgets using PHP script.

sharrre jQuery plugin - social share widget

What is Sharrre?

Sharrre is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create nice widgets sharing for Facebook,
Twitter, Google Plus (with PHP script) and more.

As I said previously with Sharrre you can create your own share icons for your blog or website. At the moment Sharrre has three sample social share widgets, so if your not interested in creating custom social share widgets, you can try any one of those on your blog or website.

Basic Documentation

    share: {
    googlePlus: true,
    facebook: true,
    twitter: true
    url: ''

Check out the full documentation from

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  1. The source code can be used for the blogger or not

  2. This is great. Till now ive been using addthis or similar. This is great..

  3. I appreciate all of your entire work Franklin, this is also helpful for me. it looks more fascinating than ever used.

    Would you mind if you did me a favor? I am looking a theme of you which you can see on this web-site but even though i have checked your site, failed to find.

    Thanks a bunch, have a nice work.

  4. thanks Franklin, was looking for something that would allow to put together my own social sharing tool

  5. Hi Can any one of you tell me how to implement it once when we download the file from Sharrre link.

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