Auto Pin WordPress Posts To Pinterest Using This WordPress Plugin

Pinterest is huge and a recent survey claims it to be the third most used social platform after Google and Facebook. As far as Bloggers are concern Pinterest can bring in huge quality traffic. I am not an expert to talk much about how useful is Pinterest traffic, but as far as I know it was good and it can even get you good leads.

So pinning your every single blog post on Pinterest takes your blog traffic one step ahead, but if you publish more than 2 to 3 post a day, you will find pinning manually is such a painful job. Well, that no more an issue. Auto Pin is a premium WordPress plugin that auto pin WordPress posts to Pinterest.

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Why Auto Pinned?

auto pin wordpress posts to pinterest

So what are you waiting for? Get Auto Pinner WordPress plugin right now!

Developer License

    • can be used on client sites – developer rights

    Multi Site

    • can be used on your own sites

    Single Site License

    • can be used on 1 of your sites
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    10 Responses so far!

    1. I brought and tested plugin many times but actually its not working fine…

      Created sample wordpress on domain and enabled that plugin and placed many blog posts but auto pin doesn’t work..

      I created one sample board named viitorcloud and created some posts but they didnt publish on my pinterest board.

    2. The plugin should have more options. Pinning every article to the same board doesn’t looks nice… I have 6 boards for every category on my blog. And pinning every article to the same board would mess up..

    3. nice info.
      i request for blogspot.

      nice to meet you.

      from blogger Indonesia

    4. very nice this information, thanks to share and good luck by you
      from indonesia blogger

    5. Yeah! It works………and the best plugin in wordpress……….

    6. I like pinterest so much. Thanks for the plugin, its really worth to buy one. Gonna buy it right away. :) Cheers.


    7. Fantastic post. I always like pinterest. Thanks for this information which is useful for all….

    8. I wish a free service for this feature. Pls let me know if any

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