5 Things You Need To Try To Attract More To Your Design Blog

I would personally say that I’m a blogging expert. I’ve build a couple amazing Companies that offer killer blogging services. I’m no design expert at all, that’s why I use Franklin for all my design work.  He’s the design expert. Over the years I have learned that just one simple tip can change your blog and help you to be earning ten times more. Which tip will attract more to your blog? Here are 5 tips are proven to attract more leads, fans, and sales for your design blog!

  • Using your blog as a testimonial
  • Becoming a personable blogger
  • Targeting your ideal customer
  • Promoting & Sharing to get the word out
  • Becoming more attractive

Let me show you how!

1. Using Your Blog As A Testimonial

This is great if you’re trying to sell products and services. Instead of always writing about how great your product/service is, write about the experiences people are having with it. Just the other day I was talking with an Avon rep and she showed me all these wonderful emails she’s been getting from her customers. These testimonials were unsolicited and genuine. People were telling her about how great they’ve been taken care of and how much they love the product.  She’s even been blogging, but never knew she could use the stories and testimonials to her advantage. More blogs need to be utilizing this strategy.

Here’s the benefit of it: people see the testimonials and sell themselves on you and your product/service. The internal conversations will sound something like this:

  • “Wow! This lady takes care of her people. “
  • “I’d sure like to be taught by a leader like her.”
  • “These products sound amazing, I should place an order and try them myself”.

Action Step: Start using your blog as a testimonial.

2. Becoming A Personable Blogger

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “How do I become more personable?” Whether you realize it or not, there are certain things that prevent you from appearing or seeming personable. This works against you. When you are personable, people like you and want to follow you. Here are some of the ways people shoot themselves in the foot”

  • They’re fake
  • They condescend their readers
  • They don’t display contact information or tell readers how they can get in touch with you
  • They don’t share their interests or experiences (good and bad)

You’re not perfect, no one is. People want to connect with real people. Doing the opposite of those things will make it much easier for people to follow you and be your next lead or sale. When it comes to making yourself able to be reached, give them your phone number, email, and social media accounts (twitter, google +, and facebook). People connect in different ways.

Action Step: Become personable and reachable.

3. Target Your Ideal Customer

Through keyword research and SEO (search engine optimization) you can create content that gets straight on the 1st page of Google. There is so much money on that page. You should make it a priority to get ranked for the keywords that your ideal customer would be searching for. The benefit of this is that the Internet is always working and people are always looking for answers. Invest in a good SEO course and make sure you master the fundamentals of keyword research, on-site SEO, and creating backlinks. Then you’ll be well on your way to targeting your ideal customer

Action Step: Learn keyword research and SEO.

4. Promote, Share and Get The Word Out

You need to get the word about about you, your brand, and your products/services. It really doesn’t matter how good it is, because without exposure, no one knows about it. Let’s talk about Coca-Cola for a moment. How many times did you see their brand today? Studies have shown that the average person will have seen Coca-Cola 2-3 times in a 12 hour period. How much money did they spend to get that in front of your eyeballs? Millions! Marketing is no different online. You won’t need to spend millions, but you will need to get the word out. Social media is your answer. You’d be wise to build up followings on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, and (the hot and trendy) Pinterest.

Action Step: Get the word out by getting yourself into Social Media.

5. Become More Attractive

What makes people attractive? Being attractive and personable go hand in hand. An attractive person is a leader. They have answers to your deepest questions. They are relate-able, like-able, and trustworthy. Put your best foot forward. Help people solve their problems. While people are attracted to people for different reasons, I am most attracted to a person’s willingness to answer my questions and be there for me. Most of my mentors are that way. They respond to their texts, facebook and skype messages. To start, I recommend you watching yourself follow people and asking yourself this question: “Why am I drawn to this person?”

Action Step: Become an attractive person.

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