Releasing Mash (Mashable Inspired) Premium Blogger Template

Mashable, obviously the resource portal for all bloggers. But more than that, we all too love their design. So why would I talking about Mashable here? The reason being Mash – the Mashable look alike Blogger template. Mash template was a Mashable inspired Blogger template developed to give the same feel in Blogger platform blogs. The template is available for free download and hope you all love my piece of work.

Update: I have releases Mash 2, if you want to try it have a look at it here.

mash blogger template

Live Demo | Download


  • Automatic thumbnail image with read more
  • Uber cool subscribe widget
  • Floating social bookmarking widget, as seen in Mashable
  • Facebook and Twitter share button on every post in the homepage
  • Top banner ad spot for 460×68
  • Two column navigation
  • Numbered page navigation
  • Trending post bar on the top of each post
  • Three column footer and much more

Subscribe Widget

To add your profile links to the subscribe bar icons, search for <div id='subscribe'> in the template and replace your profile links appropriately.

subscribe widget

Floating Social Bookmark Widget

Since the template uses Mashable styled floating social bookmarking bar, you need to replace the default button values with your usernames. So to change that, search for <div id='sharebox'> and replace the default profile usernames with yours.

Trending post widget

Trending post widget shows up important post on your blog. But this isn’t automatic. Users have to enter their own blog post title and link to show up in the top of each post page. To change the URL and the post title, search for <div id='archiveboxx'> and change it appropriately.

trending post widget for blogger

Navigation bar

The template has two column navigation system. To enter the exact url for navigation search for <div id=’top’> and change the link URL to match the url in your blog post. For the second column nav bar search for <div id='submenu'> and do the same.

Let me know your feedback about this plugin. If you are looking for WordPress version of this theme, check it out here. Also thanks to Theme Junkie for inspiring me to release Mash template.

Note Don’t try to remove the footer links. If you really value my work, keep the footer links as it is. It also encourage me to release even more fremium themes in the coming days.

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132 Responses so far!

  1. Looks great. I also use my own version of Mashable theme on my mobile blog. Impressive work
    .-= Ricky´s last blog ..Download GRE Buddy Android Apps for IELTS-GRE-TOEFL exams =-.

  2. Mashable theme is great , love it . Thanks i will use it for my blogger blog .
    .-= aatif@social-catalog´s last blog ..GoDaddycom goes up for sale =-.

  3. I was vigorously searching for a free wordpress theme a couple of days till I settled with current theme. Now I confused, should I use this one or my current theme is okey?
    .-= Suresh Khanal´s last blog ..The Birth of SEO MMO Tips – The First Step of Starting a Blog! =-.

  4. hey awsome buddy ..i need mashable template for wordpress is it available for free??
    .-= sureshpeters´s last blog ..Mashable launches official chorme extension =-.

  5. Nope, it cost around $30 :(

  6. Hey, Theme is looking Great. Impressive work.
    .-= Namit Gupta´s last blog ..3 YouTube Features to Make your Video Viewing Experience more Fun =-.

  7. That is very good work! I’ve also converted Blogger template for blogger users. And intending to do more in future :)

    Nice work! I think you are in hurry? So that you’ve made mistake here: fremium

    On you bottom of the post premium is misspelling.

    Hack Tutors
    .-= Anup @ Hack Tutors´s last blog ..Increase your Link Visibility Using Web 20 Buttons =-.

  8. Awesome Work… its the actual conversion of Mashable theme.
    .-= Simrandeep Singh´s last blog ..10 Best Websites For Free Blogger Templates =-.

  9. nice theme……loved it…good work…..

    just wanted to know how it appears when there is no image in whole article?

  10. Looks really cool. I think the theme is an exact conversion of Freshlife wordpress theme, right?
    .-= Sathish @ TechieMania´s last blog ..CommentLuv is Enabled On TechieMania =-.

  11. nice template. thank you
    .-= Hassan´s last blog ..i Games free Blogger Template =-.

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  13. Thanks a lot.
    .-= Manendra´s last blog ..Gmail Priority Inbox =-.

  14. how to add page navigation in it ,im messed up

  15. popular posts set to show images and snippets always please help

    • Search for “Show only snippets” delete the script after that till <div style='clear: both;'/></b:if>

      Take a backup of your template before doing this.

  16. i am not using this theme I am using another bloggermint template i give u my blog links Plz suggest me.

  17. great themes..
    I love blue.. πŸ˜€
    .-= Blogger Ceria´s last blog ..Nonton Film Laskar Pemimpi Bareng Project POP =-.

  18. This template is really great and have simple design..
    just add this theme at 8 Most Wanted Blogger Template
    .-= arkimz´s last blog ..Understanding Blogger Conditional Tags =-.

  19. hi i am first time visitor of your site u have nice site dear Franklin i want to ask 1 question that is
    when i install this template i saw createsummryandthumb written in my every post please solve this proble. i am waiting

  20. can we add dropdown menus in the template? i really need dropdown menus…

  21. Nice theme! Now, when can we have a Digg-lookalike theme? :)
    .-= Jasmine´s last blog ..Net Onboard Review Malaysia Web Hosting =-.

  22. Awesome theme bro! how can i fix “you might also like” widget
    .-= Adwait Sharma´s last blog ..Your Browser is Spying You ! =-.

  23. no i mean those Links Within Widget
    .-= Adwait Sharma´s last blog ..Your Browser is Spying You ! =-.

  24. Thanks a ton :)
    its working AWESOME!!!
    plz tell me how can i create drop down menu for contact tab..
    .-= Adwait Sharma´s last blog ..Your Browser is Spying You ! =-.

  25. n how can i change the present favicon? and add adsense below blog title (like mashable have)
    .-= Adwait Sharma´s last blog ..Your Browser is Spying You ! =-.

  26. n i also want to remove the given search bar
    .-= Adwait Sharma´s last blog ..Your Browser is Spying You ! =-.

  27. Remove the contact tab link from template and add this <li><a href='#' title='Contact'>Contact</a>
    <li><a href='#'>Me</a></li></ul></li>

    Before doing this take a backup of your template

  28. ok! n how can i remove the search bar n add adsense below the blog title?
    .-= Adwait Sharma´s last blog ..Your Browser is Spying You ! =-.

  29. One question beyond this post!!!

    Why Blogger templates fails CSS and xHTML checks
    .-= Anand´s last blog ..Get through your email faster with Gmail Priority Inbox =-.

  30. How can i apply background image in the blog

  31. and also the search box is accidentally deleted by me while editing the menu items so how to re apply search box

  32. Franklin, first of all, I want to say – Thank You for making this template. It’s very nice.
    I have questions, some things which I don’t know. First, it’s about – createSummaryAndThumb(“summary……….”…in each post.

    Also, it seems to me that search bar is not working, at least from what I have tried.

    And the last, can we delete this: Sponsors: Link building | Hospital Job Openings | South Africa Dating?

    Thank you in advance! Love this template!
    .-= Dimi´s last blog ..German Word of the Day – Day 4- Liebe love =-.

    • The createSummary will appear as the autothumbnail post requires a minimum of certain characters. So if the post content is lesser than that, it appears. Without sponsors the template won’t come under free. If you want to remove the sponsors you need to pay a little cost.

      • Thank you very much for the comment, Franklin.
        I want to ask one more thing, how can we change 0 in the comments with no comments and possibly to change its font properties?

        And what to change so the search bar to work properly?

        Thank you!

        Have a nice weekend and lots of good luck from me in everything that you do!
        .-= DImi´s last blog ..Quote of the Day – Day 5 =-.

  33. How to apply background image in the blog

    • Go to Edit HTML and search for

      body {

      and instead of background:#FFFFFF;

      use background:url(‘place your URL here’);

      • thnks man……………..u r just superb……………..fantastic template and u also solved my query………again thnx

  34. Franklin Manuel, congratulations. That is very good template!

    Can you please convert engadget .com theme into a blogger template?

    Thank you so much in advance!!

  35. Trending post widget: Replace the code with this u can find automatic blog post url no need to change every time.

    Trending: UR NAME

    .-= gmanendra´s last blog ..Gmail Priority Inbox =-.

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  37. How can i put the share bar like bloggermint ie right side of the adsense. i have coded adsense but unable to move the floating share box to the desired place. Also when i cick on tweet button on the same post title is missing. how can i enable that,
    .-= Anand´s last blog ..How to change your Google Apps account to Google Account =-.

  38. Hey i love this tempalte, just a couple things i am having an issue with.

    1. on the main page, when looking at the post, it reads “create summary…..” under my posts.
    (i believe it has something to do with the Linkwithin gadget)

    2.How to do i change the Linkwithin Gadget to my own with thumbnails just as it is?

    3.How do i change the written by miguel part under the linkwithin?

    If you could answer these for me i will be set! i apprecaite it alot. thanks again.

  39. Hi, thanks for great work !

    Well, i just want to know, can i increase the number of post on the home page? There is 5 posts on the home page, i want to make it 8 or 10.

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  41. Great, great, GREAT theme!

    Is there anyway to make the first post Big?
    Like it is on the actually Mashable?

    Thanks πŸ˜€

  42. Hi Franklin! This is a brilliant template and I’m in the process of adapting it for my own use (keeping your sponsors, don’t worry!) However, I have added Disqus comments, which works fine, but I need a way to get rid of the template’s existing comments coding — so the main page list of blog posts don’t have a non-Disqus comments counter. What do I need to delete? Ideally, for Disqus to completely takeover the commenting feature. Thanks in advance! :)

    • Can I have your blog URL

      • Certainly! It’s – I really appreciate you taking a look. Right now it has the Disqus commenting software running fine, it’s just that the main page’s “comment counter” just displays the unused Blogger-based comments. I’d like Disqus to assume control of that counter, as it has the commenting facility.

        Thanks again for your help! :)

        • Hi Dan, I don’t see any comments on your blog through Disqus. Can you make a test comments on anyone of the post?

          • I’ve just left a test comment via Disqus on the first post. The front page counter reads “0” as it’s counting the Blogger-fed comments, not Disqus. Which is obviously not ideal! Thanks for taking a look at this – can’t imagine how busy you get answering such queries! :)

            • I am looking into this issue Dan. I will fix it as soon as possible.

              • Thanks, Franklin. Really hope it all works out, as I love what you’ve done otherwise and can’t wait to use it. I’m usually quite good at tinkering with code, but this particular problem had me stumped! LOL

  43. createSummaryAndThumb(“summary3749884229752304131″…

    this error always comes can you solve this
    the test blog is

    • The template has a auto read more with thumbnail using a javascript. So according to that script if there is less no of char in the post it will display (createSummary), so if you have enough content it won’t appear.

  44. Hello Frank,

    Do you have any forum or somewhere i ask you some questions about blogger or wordpress?

  45. Franklin, first of all, I want to say – Thank You for making this template. It’s very nice.
    I have questions,
    I am using this template on my blog
    no of post which i have set to 10 are not showing (only 5 of them are loading on home page) please help me in to correct it.
    Regards. Arshad Rana
    .-= Arshad Rana´s last blog ..Communication Skills Training by Nizar Noorali Bhulani =-.

  46. please help i want add ads just below post tile on the mashable template

  47. Richard Wachtel

    Hi Franklin,

    Great template, I installed it on my blog one question though – As much as I am appreciative on what you put together, is there a way to change the written by manuel part under the linkwithin? Thanks

  48. thanks… but i went into the template of the website and i didn’t see

  49. How can I change the summary font size?

  50. richard wachtel

    Is there a way to add a “featured” blog post like many wordpress themes?

  51. hii there… i already installed ur theme… i wanna to change ‘written by’ section bottom of each post but i cannot find code

    can u help me with this matters?

    anything is going right except this thingy..:) thanx

  52. can u pleae help me, abt the meta tags they r so hard

    facebook and google nt making description on buzing and sharing. .just link and tiltle only.;.
    plese gv me a reply please…

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  56. Franklin, first of all, I want to say – Thank You for making this template. It’s very nice.
    I have questions,
    I am using this template on my blog
    no of post which i have set to 10 are not showing (only 5 of them are loading on home page) please help me in to correct it.
    Regards. Arshad Rana

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  58. Hey, Theme is looking Great. Impressive work.

  59. Truly a good theme. Very nice and clean. I also like the tweet feature which is a must.
    .-= Dr Singh´s last blog ..No Job No Money =-.

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  62. can we add one default image in the post preview in-case there isn’t any image in the post?

    if yes, how to do so?

  63. I am really happy to see this ………. thanks a lot

  64. wow..nice template.its nice to see this man..thx

  65. Hey, is there any way i could delete the author information under every post?

  66. hey franklin below every of my post it shows post written by franklin how do i remove it

    • did u find out a way to remove the author info under every post? Its really ridiculous to claim every post was written by Franklin! Grow up, as a dev Franklin.

  67. Please make this for WordPress

  68. Hi Franklin, would you know why the template has suddenly decided not to post thumbnails under “popular posts”? It did so for six months and now it doesn’t anymore.


  69. Hello Jack Nice theme but some small problem with blog i had added my logo in the Header but it was Hide what to do to public my logo

    Thank you

    • Maybe you have set it up as a background and other picture is over your logo.
      Typo maybe?

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  71. nice template but you cannot add read more botton. how to add this?

    • just use jump break button available in the blogger editor where you want to show the readmore

  72. Hellow Franklin Manuel!! Can i change/or replace the costume search with Google adsense search, thank you.

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  74. Hi franklin, i want to use the related post widget as same as your dat is displaying on dis page. Can u plz assist me. Thank u

  75. fresherscamp


    i installed ur nice template.

    it was showing only 4 posts , but i want 2 show 10 posts on a page pls mail or reply me ………..

  76. hello franklin its really awesome,clean template but there is one problem search bar i want to change it with google adsense i tried too replace default search code with custom adsense code but everything messed up can you tell me how to add google adsense search(where to place the code)???

  77. Hi Franklin,
    your articles are too informative to bloggers and newbies. Currently i am using Mashable Inspired template for my blogger blog. Can u pleas say me how to remove the uber cool subscribe icons ?

  78. hello how I took was not to appear


  79. Hi Franklin I was wondering if you can help me out a little, I use this theme on my site I hope it’s ok to use on a (.com)

    The last couple of days the first link on the homepage has stopped working, it loads as if the page will open but then just opens the homepage again, I thought maybe it was my computer or browser but one of my readers commented that he could not open the link either.

    Second problem is with Linkwithin, the widget shows under every post on the homepage. Is there anyway I can stop it doing that so it just appears on the actual posts?

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  81. Hey Franklin,

    I am using your Mashable template since a while and its really cool man. The only issue I am facing is with the SEARCH BAR. When readers try and search for keywords, the search bar generates no Posts. Sometimes, I have tried to put in the entire post title and yet it shows ” NO POSTS”. How can I make this search bar work on the site.



  82. Thanks man. Theme is too good πŸ˜‰

  83. Hi i am sambath from tamilnadu India. kindly help me

    I am using this template last 2 months

    from yesterday onwards My blog doesn’t show more than three posts on the front page. In my settings page, it to show 7 post/comments on the “settings”, but it doesn’t work.

    Kindly help me solve the issue..

    My Url :
    browser : Chrome / Firefox

  84. is it seo friendly template?

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  86. how can i remove you might also like this post?

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  88. Yaar i think that’s a gud one . Quite matchable with mashable

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