Mash 2 (Mashable Inspired) Blogger Template

Its been two months the previous release of Mash a Mashable inspired blogger theme and today we are happy to launch Mash 2. Why Mash 2? Well, Mash 2 is one of the most downloaded template with more than 4000 happy users and I used to get lots of emails and comments for making the template. To be frank, the overwhelming response has made to create Mash 2 which has more features and it fixes the previous version bugs. So time to see the Mash 2, who those who were expecting this for many days.

Update: The static page issue has been fixed. Re-download the template file to see the change.

mash 2 (mashable inspired) blogger template

Template Features

  • New big size banner at the header with size 728×90
  • Latest post in big size (Inspired from Mashable)
  • Small thumbnails with grabs the image automatically and crops it
  • Cool page navigation to give Mashable feel to the navigation
  • Related post box at the end of every post

Subscribe Widget

To add your profile links to the subscribe bar icons, search for <div id='subscribe'> in the template and replace your profile links appropriately.

subscribe widget

Floating Social Bookmark Widget

Since the template uses Mashable styled floating social bookmarking bar, you need to replace the default button values with your usernames. So to change that, search for <div id='sharebox'> and replace the default profile usernames with yours.

Trending post widget

Trending post widget shows up important post on your blog. But this isn’t automatic. Users have to enter their own blog post title and link to show up in the top of each post page. To change the URL and the post title, search for <div id='archiveboxx'> and change it appropriately.

trending post widget for blogger

Navigation bar

The template has two column navigation system. To enter the exact url for navigation search for <div id=’top’> and change the link URL to match the url in your blog post. For the second column nav bar search for <div id='submenu'> and do the same.

Its been hard for me to find time to make this template and I hope you guys like this piece of work.  Shoot out your suggestion and thoughts by adding your comments. Check out our cool blogger templates collection.

Note Don’t try to remove the footer links. If you really value my work, keep the footer links as it is. It also encourage me to release even more fremium themes in the coming days.

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218 Responses so far!

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  2. Hey Franklin! I’m so happy to see this update finally, although I hate to say it doesn’t seem to have fixed my own original problem (that Disqus-powered commenting, when properly installed, don’t alter the template’s tally of comments).

    Is this something you intentionally fixed with Mash2? If so, any ideas why it’s not working for me? Or have you yet to find a solution for it?
    .-= Dan´s last blog ..MAD MEN 48 – The Summer Man =-.

    • With Mash 2, I have fixed the comments issue with Disqus, so might be some conflict on your side with any installed installed.

      If nothing works out, send me the template file to my email.

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  4. Can i get a wordpress theme like that??

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  7. Looks awesome however i looked at the demo with a 1024×768 screen res and the fixed social gadget is in the middle of the content.Have you set it by percentage left rather than pixels ?
    .-= Paul @ Social Icon Studio´s last blog ..Simple White Button Social Iocns =-.

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  9. I would love to have it for wordpress …
    .-= Nitin Kumar Jain´s last blog ..Black Friday 2010 Deals =-.

  10. I have a problem about this theme.Everything is good but blogger’s pages have some problems.I add page to my blog but this page does not seem full.All blog’s pages are summary like blog posts.You can see this problem in :

    How can I do , how can ı solve this problem ?

  11. because of that ?
    .-= Ece´s last blog ..Sosyal Medyada Kadınlar =-.

    • Nope. If you check the template license its under creative common license, you need to retain the link as its released under free. So please add the link back to the template to get my free support. If you wish to remove those link, you probably need to pay me.

  12. Ok , sorry ,I have deleted my codes , I changed it. I was trying some codes .
    .-= Ece´s last blog ..Sosyal Medyada Kadınlar =-.

  13. Can you help me , please ?

  14. This is really great template..
    thanks for this…
    .-= Arkimz´s last blog ..Awesome Free Ebook For Blogger =-.

  15. hey great going with the template, what is the best way to choose colors for template?

  16. great template… i am using freshlife in my blog…. enjoying the theme….
    .-= esoftload´s last blog ..Protect Blog From Spam =-.

  17. Hi There,

    Great template first of all and very nice of you to take the time to do this. I notice the first post is larger than the rest for which many blogs is a great idea.

    How would I shrink it to match the rest of the posts?


    Chris Pontine

  18. I want to use this theme but one thing is restricting me.
    I coulc not find the post-body entry-content line in this code as I needed this to place my adsense code wrapped around the etxt of the post. Is there any alternative of this line used?
    If so, please tell me how can I put ads inside the post in this blog. Eagrly waiting for the responce. Regards

  19. can you help me ..

    how can change the position of “Floating Social Bookmark Widget” ??

    actually i want it in bottom right corner ..

  20. Hi,
    thanks for this template.
    I have a problem:
    not showing date in all posts ,
    only show in first post in mash 2 template,
    please help me for this problem.
    thank you.

  21. Great template man

  22. Using this template in my blog
    looking amazing.Thanks a lot!!

  23. Will it create problem if you stop hosting this template images in future

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  25. How To Remove Read More In Static pages. Plz help. Thanks for this great template.

  26. Plz urgently need the tricks to remove readmore in blogger static pages. I am using Mash2 blogger templates

  27. Thanks Franklin.

  28. i cant see any tags below the post… is there any way to show the strip with tags of the posT?

  29. Hi There,

    I notice my articles are double posting when I leave the main page. For instance if I go to page 3 or 4 I might see duplicate articles from page 1. Any reason why?



  30. How to change the blog background color

  31. Hi, great template.

    I’m using it on my site and fixed some issues, the post labels and the date-time format for posts on the same day. My English isnt good but i’ll try help.

  32. 1 – to fix the the post labels issues on the individual posts

    search for the code:

    and put this code:



  33. Dear Franklin,

    I downloaded Mash2 & i uploaded to my blog. But i write some article it’s how you are a author… how remove that. sry 4 bad english

  34. Hi,
    Frank thanks for such a nice template. I am new to blogging. Downloaded your template and installed to my blog but there is a strange problem.. when I open my blog with firefox all things are ok. But when I open my blog with IE it gives some errors … and specially when I click privacy policy or any test post I posted… it gives some IE error and closes the site. Even when I tried to open your demo site then also it gives error when opened perticular posts page… see below error is given for

    “Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB6.6; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.5.21022)
    Timestamp: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 02:07:27 UTC

    Message: HTML Parsing Error: Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed (KB927917)
    Line: 0
    Char: 0
    Code: 0

    Please help me… I think it is not usable with IE if it is so… then its too sad for the visitors who use IE.

    Please help me regarding this URgently


  35. i want to add read more option below each post for this template, how should i do this , please guide me at the earliest

  36. and i also want that the related posts option should come side by side below each post with images

    means example i want that related posts should come with images and side by side below each post, how to do that, guide me for that also at the earliest


  37. Hi Franklin,
    Thank you for this amazing template. Its just the one I needed. But, I have a concern.. Below every post is a name “This post is written by Franklin Manuel”.. I agree with giving due credit to you in the footer, where it says Blogger template by Bloggermint. Developed by Franklin. That is fair. But not the message that says that every post is written by you. Please let me know on how to remove it. It would really help us to still use ur template.

  38. About Paging Numbered, wanted to change what is in English for Portuguese, because I’m Brazilian

  39. The Facebook button doesn’t appear on every post. (even on the demo) Only the Twitter appears.

    The layout is so amazing! Big thanks for this Frank! Would be cool if the Facebook icon appears too. Can you fix it?


    • Actually the Facebook share icons appears from my side. But the point is Facebook share icons appears properly only after three shares. We can’t do anything to change that.

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  41. Thanks for the prompt response :) I appreciate it :)

  42. I have downloaded this nice layout but my Adsense ads don’t appear in the homepage. They only appear when I click a post/blog. Help me please. I have this layout for about a week now but Ads still aren’t static.

  43. Nice template.
    But i want the size of header image.Its not working please tell me the size so i cant fit properly

  44. Hey dude, gotta admit, this template is realy awesome. It fulfills all my need, so THANKS :)
    But im having a problem, first how do i get rid of those floating bookmarks.
    The second problem is that under every one of my blogposts it says ‘This post was written by: Franklin Manuel
    Franklin Manuel is a professional blogger, web designer and front end web developer. Follow him on Twitter’

    How do i change this??? :O

    • Dude, For d second problem u can edit the template..
      Just go to design > edit html >

      and then expand widget templates

      press ctrl+f to find
      “This post was written by: Franklin Manuel
      Franklin Manuel is a professional blogger, web designer and front end web developer. Follow him on Twitter”

      Edit that with your own name and other details. Hope this will solve your problem

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  46. hi,
    is it possible to have this template for WordPress?


  47. How do you remove the author box under each post. Since I have multiple authors it doesn’t work, unless I can make it show different authors for different posts. Please help! Thanks!

  48. How to edit the Navigation Bar, I don’t get your Instruction. Thank you. Sorry I’m just a beginner.

  49. Hi Franklin!
    The first size is too big then other can u tell me how to resize it like other posts

  50. on my first page in the posting, I get the problem. when I tried pressing social bookmarking “tweet” I got a little problem, which is in my tweeter directly otomati reading “Cultural Assimilation And Religious (Mosque) via @ bloggermint” Can I change it. I was a beginner once.thnks

  51. how to add adsense under post title?

    Your Encoded Adsense Code

    i want to paste this code into your theme.
    but how?
    plz tell me!

  52. Do you know how to set a static page on homepage? I want to hide any blogpost from homepage. i want to set a link that will point to all my blogpost. thanks

  53. thanx for the beutiful template but when i was trying to add dropdown menu …after checking out whole code i am unable to find anything…pls tell me how can i add dropdown top menu

  54. Nice template thanks for adding :)

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  56. efforts and hard work is seen in your work.
    That was the template I’ve been looking for…
    you’re a life saver bro!

    but can you help me out?
    the issue is that, I want the header banner to be 468×60(like in previous version) one rather than the current one.
    coz my logo doesn’t seem to fit in that area…:'(…is it due to that 728×90 banner area?
    and I don’t want to resize it…please help me FRANK!!!!!

    check out my blog for reference

  57. I have installed this template in my test blog , but i have a pbm in a thumnail image near the post …..

    check this link:

    The pic is too big , instead of a thumbnail view , help me ….wat should i do to knw to solve this issue ….

  58. small thumbnails with grabs the image automatically and crops it , this feature nly doesn’t worked for me……I cant get u , ll u explain me quite briefly , anyway thxs for ur reply ….

  59. Ya tried in the way as u said but still i m facing the pbm , tried to changed the width n height too , but it’s of no use….

    • I got your point. I have made the template to feature the latest post in that way. To remove that, go to Edit HTML and remove the following code

      <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
      <b:if cond='data:post.isFirstPost'>
      <script type='text/javascript'>var thumbnail_mode = &quot;no-float&quot; ;
      summary_noimg = 730;
      summary_img = 540;
      img_thumb_height = 280;
      img_thumb_width = 280;
      <script type='text/javascript'>var thumbnail_mode = &quot;no-float&quot; ;
      summary_noimg = 430;
      summary_img = 340;
      img_thumb_height = 125;
      img_thumb_width = 125;

      Make sure you take a backup before performing this action.

  60. ya i can see the small thumbnail for post 2 , but for the post 3 i couldn’t get the thumbnail image for it , note it , i can get the thumbnail for the latest post ( that is the post at the top of that site ) …..

  61. ya sure , i ll do it now and refer to u ….thx u for ur help….

  62. Ya i done wat u have said , but now go n check my blog , it’s bad than before ….the link is…Help to fix for the top post alone , provide me the perfect size for it….

  63. ya it’s fine now….but tell me if i add or modify some changes to it , ll it work for me???

  64. I just wanna to add ur content slider using J-query ….If i add it ll it work ??? and give me code for how to add sub menus to the menu too ( if possible)

  65. How to create a submenu for a menu , help me how to do it …..U have nly provided menu in a template …..

  66. How do I disable the floating social book marks widget?

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  68. How can I align post font to center.
    Right now, it’s on left side, i want to make it center aligned.
    Please help!

  69. sandeep kumar

    Numbered pagination is not working on by blog. I do not see Prev and Next link with page numbers….Please help !

  70. hai franklin..
    First of all big thank you for destining such wonderful fulfilled all my needs.i have some problem regarding the template,will you help me how to add an extra widget section below header ie full width widget section.
    And another thing is About trending,when i place a link and share it on twitter,it retweets the current post url.
    plese help me for this.
    once again big thanks for you.

  71. hi frank the tempalte is showing your name and stating that
    “This post was written by: Franklin Manuel

    Franklin Manuel is a professional blogger, web designer and front end web developer. Follow him on Twitter”
    how do i remove this or edit this
    you can see it yourself at my blog
    reply and sorry for my bad English…

  72. thank to inspirate template, lets to try the template


  73. Gautam Sehgal

    Hello Sir, I am using this template, and its awesome, thanks a lot…

    i need a help…
    whenever i open a post, the side bar having sharing widgets is shown over the post, besides of being shown on the left side….
    i need automatic resolution for my page….
    i am sure u’ll be having a solution for me.

    • The share widget is not designed to automatically fit to the resolution. Right now users with low resolution can see that. If you don’t want that, check my preview comment.

  74. Hello Frank,
    Thanks a lot for superb template. It works like a charm

  75. i cant find the in the html script sir please help me out :(

  76. Hi Franklin

    I’m not sure as to wether I asked the question properly in my last comment as I left it as a reply instead of a new comment. My question was in relation to the I have searched for this and it just says text not found. I tried to reload the template and delete all the widgets I added and I still can’t find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My blog Thanks in advance.


    • All I can say, you are not looking at my previous comments.

      Just search for this in the template xml file and change my default about text to yours.

      <div class="author_info">
      • Hey Franklin thank you, I got there. Thanks again for such a great user friendly template.

  77. Hi Franklin,

    I have three issues to complete this set up:

    1. How do I customise the search bar inorder to show results of post on my webiste as per keywords?
    2. My sub menu has more than 12 categories (the ones which are below are not visible. How do I make them visible?
    3. How do i edit/ remove the trending widget which appears before the post & also the twitter banner which says ‘this post is written by Franklin’

    You can see the isseues at

    Hope to have a reply from you.

  78. I think I have figured out all the issues except for the sub menu which include more than 12 categories. Kindly help! And keep up the good work

  79. Hey, Excellent work! Any clue how to increase the number of posts on homepage? By default it’s 12 and I want to make it 20…

  80. Thanks, Franklin.
    I has been looking for a float sharebox like Mashable for my Blogger theme.
    Your theme works so cool !

  81. Hi,

    Nice template, but two questions. One, how can i remove the top advertisment and display my banner larger instead there? And two, can i change all the categories and pages bars to red instead of blue?

    Thanks :)

    • For advertisement, you can change it from page elements tag. Then for changing colors search for #submenu in the template and change the background color from #4488DD to your prefer color.





  83. hello
    my problem with this nice template:
    i want to add “tags” /keywords/ to this template = how fix it??


  84. hay bro i dnt knw whats wrong with my template its not working properly so pls help me as soon as possible n pls go to the n pls guide me whats the problem thanks for such a koool template

  85. hey manuel i am using your mash2 template but yesterday i was adding below the header adsense code, but something went wrong and the index page look got distrubed. kindly help me…..

  86. A simple but good theme thanks friend!!

  87. the related posts under every post does not working……i can i solve it plz help

    BTW it is a nice template! :)

  88. How To Remove This Phrase Under The Post ?

    “This post was written by: Franklin Manuel

    Franklin Manuel is a professional blogger, web designer and front end web developer. Follow him on Twitter”

    Please Need Help…

  89. Hi Franklin,

    Thank you very much for creating this template. I have my own website that I created in Dreamweaver. How to I integrate the xml file you designed so that I can change the layout of my site? Sorry if that sounds like a dumb question, but very new to web-design.
    My current site looks like this and isn’t very attractive.


  90. how can i make header add large ad banner to a small size……its too big 728×90
    plz help franklin

  91. Hi my friend thanks for share this template with us i have just one question if u can help me i will appreciated your help, my problem is when i paste the html code from facebook social plugins , and i save it, i cant see my facebook social plogin there please help me Thanks

  92. How to align social bookmarks widget relatively body post? Because at different resolutions of screen it looks differently

  93. Hi Franklin………you are my boss! i m using your Mash 2 template. It seems nice
    thanks for sharing dude. GOOD LUCK!!

  94. Bro i have installed the template, but CommentLuv is not working with this template..
    plz help me out, its urgent.
    Awaiting response.

  95. Hello Franklin, amazing template, but how make breadcrumb for this template? Thanks :)

  96. I want to show post date to my home page but Post Page Options not working would u tell me to do that what i have to do plz…….

  97. Sandeep Kumar

    Hi Mr. Franklin
    Thanx for this beautiful template I have installed it in my blog but I have faced some prob. dood will you help me ??
    1. I want to add a slider i did that but not worked
    2. How can I update my blog description and keyword which can show in google

    Reply Awaited
    Thanx Once Again

    • Can I know which slider you tried to implement and mash template by default has option to enter meta description and go to the top of the template and enter it.

  98. i have a problem in my site
    please tell what is th problem

  99. Hi Mr. Franklin
    Thanx for this beautiful template. I have never used such beautiful template. I have installed it in my blog but I have faced some problem. Will you help me??

    1. The Floating Social Bookmark Widget is working fine on my home page, but when i open any post pages(other than home page) two Floating Social Bookmark Widgets are coming.

    2.How to set image under “This post was written by:” after post. I tried, but the image is not shown there.
    my blog is

    • Now my first problem was solved…. i have installed an extra gadget, now i removed that one….give me solution for second problem…
      Thank you…

  100. In the end of every posts it shows written by Franklin Manuel , how to remove it ?

  101. hello its awesome template but im facing problem in share widget whenever i share my article on twitter and facebook then it count doesnt update and always remain 0

  102. Hello There,

    I am wondering how I would replace the Google Buzz button with the Google Plus 1 Button in the sharebox.



  103. Hello There,

    Quick Questions, I notice as I move from page 1 to page 2 and so on with this template that it seems to be duplicating the content. For instance if you look at http:www.workathomemovement and click on page 2 you are seeing duplicate content from page 1.

    Any quick fix for this?


    Christopher E P

  104. Tanx da menn!!

  105. Thumbs up :) Very Nice Template

  106. Hey bro,
    i need your help for fixing up the header issue.. blog address
    i tried to add a header image in the:

    #header {
    height: 100px;
    padding: 0;
    background: #fff;
    but the whole template getting disfigured. please help

    and please let me knopw how i can move the subscribe buttons below the first html widget that i have added.

  107. How do you remove this from the bottom of the post;

    This post was written by: Franklin Manuel

    Franklin Manuel is a professional blogger, web designer and front end web developer. Follow him on Twitter

    • open edit html expand it
      press ctrl + F and paste
      Franklin Manuel is a professional blogger, web designer and front end web developer
      and change text,twitter link and picture

  108. Hi there,

    Can I have the link to the .zip file for the mash 2 template please. The download only gives me the XML file, I’m not sure what to do with that?


    Many tnanks


  109. Hello sir a big fan of you . Sir i have problem with your template Plz help the posts donot show the labels a big problem plz help sir……………………………..

  110. Frank i added tags by myself but second problem Plz note :: When i see search page or label page like Then the first post is shown vertically plz see the bug.

  111. How add read more after every post cause some people are not smart enough to click on the post title…

  112. How do you remove the featured post?

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  114. Thanks Great Template.

  115. fentastic template i like really all feature are avalable

  116. hei there … thanks for share

    downloading now :)

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  118. how can i customize uthor info in this post

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  120. Hi,
    Your Theme Is Very Impressive.But When I Trying To Install In My Website Post Image Problem Occur.
    Please Add This Code In Template Before ]]></b:skin>
    .post img {
    padding : 10px;
    line-height : 2em;
    margin: 0 auto 10px auto;
    clear: both;

  121. Sir, Can i ask how to limit the related posts count? I want to limit it to 5 or 7 related posts only.

  122. Best blogger templete ever. Thanks for such a great templete for free.

  123. thanks for templete franklin.i have a question, is there is any way to change font of this templete so they appear little bolder.

  124. Hi frank… you template is awesome it’s been along time ago that i am using it and i’ve also used many of your templates before. Now i am facing some problems in this template on my homepage only three posts are being shown. Would you please help me that how could i show atleast 10 to 15 posts on my home page. Waiting for your response

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  126. Best blogger templete ever

  127. Tanx da menn!!

  128. I am having a problems with your template
    1. your facebook post share icon does not show how much share’s are there unless we share it.

    guess i am a student can you tell me how to resize the size of first post and the next posts, as on mashable there is very little space

    and how to add google + with the twitter and facebook pls dude help me and you have done a great work if i get adsense i will surely donate a amount which i can afford

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  130. Thanks for giving such a nice template.I am facing problem in facebook commenting plugin when i applied that to my blog its not even starting!Please help me
    I will be really great full to you

  131. Hello, i’ve a problem with some post, exactly where i use SYNTAX HIGHLIGHTER.
    Check this

    Thanks for help

  132. nice template I already use this template

  133. Hello,

    How can i change font/size for main/post content?

  134. This template dont show labels… =( i need the labels… some idea?

  135. Bro,
    I’m Really Impressed !!
    Reading your Blog is Just Enjoyable…..

  136. like this templete….. 😀 thnx for share

  137. hello sir my twitter counter is not running it is still zero after lots of tweet

  138. the template is very cool I am gonna take this one

  139. Awesome Template ..!! Thanks For Sharing Bro ..!! :)

  140. @ admin – i installed this them, its great. but i want to change color of blue strips like it is on top of the page just below website logo.. i need want it on orange. how can i do this..plz help…

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  142. I am using this blog template. This is awesome, one problem is occuring in my blog is that “Related post box at the end of every post” is disappear from some days. What may be the problem.

  143. so beautiful template..i like it

  144. Thanks you for these awesome templates well seems like one had a problem..! :(

  145. Hi.

    I have a blog about oferts of my city, and i do many modification this templat, its possible visit my blog to show my personalizition.


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  147. This template has a lot of problems many are not working …
    hell some one please come into my rescue

  148. so beautiful template..i like it

  149. Amazing template, and this is free

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  151. such an awesome template . Thanks

  152. Hi, can you please tell me how I can add drop down menu to the sub menu?

  153. Awesome man, great template. Thanks

  154. i like this template

  155. Hi
    How to extend header part?Just header part

  156. i really like this template..Thanks admin

  157. I need help in applying your template to my site.
    What would be your donation schedule to make the appropriate changes to my site.

  158. Really fast and creative theme. I just used it .. thanks for sharing .. :)

  159. Very nice template…please help me on how to change the author name written at the end of a post…and how to remove the vertical sharing widget showing on each post…sorry for disturbance, am new to blogger….Thanks in advance

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  161. aweomse template..just loved it

  162. Really love ur blog ..Thanks dude

  163. Hello,
    Could you tell me how to modify the width of the blog title because the gadget next to it is hiding my blog title..

    Please reply soon

  164. Best Blogger Template i ever seen, Thanks for it

  165. How to increase font size in the body of posts ?

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