Introducing Social Share – Social Sharing Box For Thesis 2.0

Every since the addition of Thesis boxes in Thesis 2.0, it literally tells the world the new opportunity that comes with it. Yesterday, I sat up with my friend and thought of creating some Thesis boxes and to start, we came up with Social Share box for Thesis. With Social Share, Thesis customers can configure vertical or horizontal buttons via Thesis itself.

According to Thesis

Let’s say you want an email signup form in your sidebar. Or maybe you want some social sharing widgets below your headline. Or maybe you want “popular posts” in your sidebar.

Before Thesis 2.0, the ONLY way you could get the functionality you want, where you want, was either by hiring a developer, installing a potentially inefficient plugin, or—god forbid—trying to wrestle with code all by yourself.

In plain English, boxes makes adding widgets pretty easy anywhere on your blog. This is a great alternative to standard WordPress plugins which is quite hard to customize the way we wanted it to be.
If you haven’t heard about Thesis, read our detailed review about why Thesis.

social share thesis widget

How to upload a box using Thesis Boxes

1. Click Thesis from your WordPress admin
2. Click “Select Boxes” by placing mouse over Thesis Boxes button
3. Hit the “Upload Box” button and point the file.
4. Upload the file.

social share thesis 2.0 box

How to Install?

Step 1: After uploading the file, navigate to Skins > Skin Editor, click Home and select “Single”

social share thesis 2.0 box

Step 2: On the right side you can find the draggable “Social Share” box. Now before dragging, make sure that you place it under “Post Box”

social share thesis 2.0 box

After dragging the box to your favourite spot hit “Save Templates” button located top right. Since we are so concerned about browser compatibilities and the ability to easily customise, we used Sharre to power up this Thesis 2.0 box.

That’s it! Download the Social Share Thesis 2.0 box and have fun with Thesis 2.0.

This is just an initial stage launch, we got more plans to bring more advance features in the coming months. Hope you guys support us to bring some exciting feature to it!

Update 1: Pushed an update to fix jQuery conflict on some Thesis 2.0 skins.

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15 Responses so far!

  1. For Thesis theme – they get so much easy customization, can we have some similar plugin for WordPress Blog. Some plugins are working fine – But there file size is huge.

  2. Its really a good social sharing buttons set and above all it’s activation is very easy.Thanks buddy for sharing.

  3. Is the box supposed to be empty after it’s installed? I guess I was expecting the little buttons, but I don’t see any, nor do I see any place to code them in… am I doing something wrong? The box seemed to install nicely and shows up, but as a dark gray container.

    • I’m getting a blank bar, too. Would love if this could work!

      • Looking at the issue. Will update the box within the next 24 hrs.

        • Remove the existing box and upload the updated social share box to fix the issue. If you still find the issue, please contact me via my contact form.

          • Thanks for looking into this. The grey box is gone, but there’s nothing there at all now. In fact, my single post page without the social box looks exactly the same as my home page, where it’s installed. If it eventually does work, I’d be super-excited!

            • Delete the previous version box and install it again. Make sure to delete the cache. It works for me now :)

              • Yay, I’ve now gotten it to work after double-checking all was deleted. I’ve got another problem where only the first post shows the buttons, and none of the others on the page show the buttons, but I suspect it’s a Thesis and/or me issues, as I’ve had other issues with the WP Loop.

                Thanks, Franklin!

  4. @Tara – Happy to hear it worked for you.

    Social Share box works only on single post, since your skin display’s everything on the homepage, the box works only on first post. If you take a look at single post links – it actually works :)

    Let me know if you have questions.

    • I have actually just figured that out. Unfortunately, I need it to work on all of the home posts or not at all, so alas, it’s back to the drawing board for me. But it was nice to ALMOST find something that would work. I’ll be uninstalling it, but I’ll be watching for other things you create!

  5. This is a great new addition I will be using for my site! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. I am keen to use your social sharing plugin but at this stage I just want a few of the social media buttons to display. Is that an option? thank you

  7. I really like this box idea but it is not working on my site, Thesis 2.1. I followed all your directions exactly, but when I look at my single post page, all i see is this at the bottom of the post:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method thesis_socialshare::_get_options() in /home/provennu/public_html/wp-content/thesis/boxes/social-share/box.php on line 44
    Do you have an update??

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