20 Fresh Free HTML5 And CSS3 Website Templates And Tutorials

HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML supported by all major browsers. HTML5 has bought us incredible ways to add videos, audios by minimizing the lookup of external source. Frankly not all browsers support all functions of HTML5 but I believe we can see many website and blog switching to HTML5 this year and of course its the future. If you are looking for a custom HTML5 template, you can contact me

Recently I have been into lots of HTML5 works and during those time, I found some free website templates that won’t suck. So here is the collection which I found out.

free html5 templatesOther resources about HTML5 and CSS3

How to create a HTML5 contact form

Detect geolocation on web browser using HTML5

CSS3 Tutorials: Box Shadow effect

CSS3 Tutorials: Rounded Corners

1. Elegant HTML5 & CSS3 Templates

(Tutorial Included)

free html5 templates

2. HTML5 Portfolio Template

(Tutorial Included)

free html5 templates

3. CSS3 Theme

free html5 templates

4. DaFrontPage

free html5 templates

5. Phone App Website Template

(Tutorial Included)

free html5 templates

6. Flower Blog HTML5 and CSS3 Template

(Tutorial Included)

free html5 templates

7. HTML5 Starter Pack

free html5 templates

8. Two Column HTML5 Template

free html5 templates

9. Simple HTML5 Template

(Tutorial Included)

free html5 templates

10. Two Column HTML5 Template with Slider

free html5 templates

11. A Simple Two Column Template

free html5 templates

12. One Page HTML5 Template

free html5 templates

13.  Basic HTML5 and CSS3 Layout

free html5 templates

14. Travel Website Template

free html5 templates

15. HTML5 Business Template

free html5 templates

16. Real Estate Template

free html5 templates

17.  Science HTML5 Template

free html5 templates

18. HTML5 Webhosting Template

free html5 webhosting templates

19. Design Company HTML5 Template

free html5 templates

20. Earth Day HTML5 & CSS3 Template

free html5 templates

If you want a custom HTML5 template for your blog or website, contact me.

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  1. Awesome collection :)

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  3. My vote is with HTML5 enable template.

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  5. Nice collection, let me know please what you think about gazpo.com, I have added CSS3 tutorial there, and plan to add more.

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  7. Yes Html5 enable templates is easy to setup and use but great list of templates,


  8. Fernando Cardoso

    Great, i nulled all , not pay!

  9. Wow very nice collection

  10. Look forward to reading more

  11. Love the templates thanks for putting them all together.

  12. Nice and helpful share, we’ve waiting for HTML5 templates for so long :)

  13. very good and free. thank you

  14. David Clavijo

    Muchas gracias, realmente muy util todos son asombrosos

  15. lovely html5 themes thank you.

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  18. cool demonstration! eventhough HTML5 audio player might not pack all of the features it works well.. it let’s iOS folk hear the mp3, tho the player will launch in a new webpage; and to return to your original page.

  19. Awesome collection. Thanks to share this.

  20. AR Tanveer

    Number 14,18 & 19 are awesome….nice collection 😀

  21. Downloaded Design company great template , thanks

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