10 Essential Blogger Plugins and Blogger Widgets

Blogger one of the widely used blogging platform, and a favorite of mine. When it comes to plugins and widgets availability, there are numerous available over the Internet, but choosing the best is little tricky. So here is our collection of 10 best blogger plugins and widgets, which takes blogger a step ahead in blogging. Lets get into serious blogging.

essential blogger plugins and widgets

1. Author Info Widget: Similar to WordPress author card info which is displayed at the end of the post, Author Info Widget, will displays author bio at the end of each post for Blogger users.

2. Google Buzz Share Count Button: Google Buzz is buzzing up these days, this plugin will show counter for the Buzz share button as like the counter button which we see in Mashable.

3. Subscribe Widget: Every blog needs to have a social profile to get the users stay updated with the blog updates. Most of the template comes with a subscribe widget on the sidebar and some don’t. If your template doesn’t have a subscribe widget, you can make use of this.

4. Recent Post With Thumbnails: One of the popular blogger widgets, created by Aneesh. Easy to customize and easy to integrate on your blogs.

5. Featured Content Slider: An elegant featured content slider from bloggermint. Easy to integrate into blogger and compatible with all major browsers.

6. MintShare: A Pure CSS3 and HTML based social share widget in five different variant from our Bloggermint labs.

7. Accordin: A unique blogger widget from Abu Farhan. This will show or hide your widget on your sidebar. A first of its kind for blogger.

8. Recent Post With Thumbnail and Simple Spy: Many would have seen simple spy (fade in post scoller) in some design, this widget makes that possible with blogger blogs.

9. Random Rotating Banner: One of the best money making widget, with easy to customize options. You can even customize the number of ads to be rotated. What I noted about this tool was, you need a little bit of modification for your template to make it work.

10. Twitter Follow Us badge: Yet another blogger gadget, Twitter follow badge from our labs. With one click, your able to add the floating Twitter follow us badge on your blog

There may be more useful plugins and widgets around the web and I have not included some common plugins like page navigation, which is very common. Drop in your comments for best blogger plugins or widgets according to you and do join Bloggermint Answers community to share your voice with us.

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  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

  2. @dijonyumm – Thanks bro and yes you are right, actually I started bloggermint without any reasons, but later I realized its potential and started concentrating on each post which I write.

  3. All it certainly is interesting but how to live further?

  4. @Rrybby – If you need help for any plugins, contact me at my email.

    • Hey man .. Please help me.. and reply me on my mail please please please.. on my blog i put facebook comment i create App. on developer and i do as the readme said so, i do everything so it’s works.. The Blogger Facebook comments.. is now works on my block.. So i need Recent Comment Widgets for dat.. can u help..

  5. i have enjoyed reading thank for sharing your story Greeting.

  6. Dick Grossman

    If only I had a penny for each time I came to http://www.bloggermint.com... Great writing!

  7. You’ve done it once again. Superb read!

  8. You have done it once again! Superb article.

  9. Good fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

  10. i am using few of them i ll try rest of them. thanks for sharing
    .-= Blogger Blogspot´s last blog ..Get DoFollow Backlink of PR10 for Free =-.

  11. Wao!!! a great collection of most wanted widget/plugins for everyblogger. Thanks a ton :)

  12. Using some of them in my blog http://ubecextreme.blogspot.com/
    .-= Ian´s last blog ..Fashion Week For Miami Beach Bums =-.

  13. @Ian – You can find even more list of plugins from my blogger category.

  14. Nice Post Bro i have added some of the widgets mentioned here at my blog thanks for the info….

    do visit my blog http://techsavysblog.blogspot.com and provide me with suggestions to improve it thanks.

  15. Hi, A very good collection of Blogger widgets,
    T think you should add this Widget too (Yahoo Media Player for Blogger)
    .-= Waqar´s last blog ..Yahoo media player for blogger blog =-.

  16. Nice collection of widgets. I also so have few collections on my blog

    Some of these are similar, but you got nice collection of widgets. Thanks for sharing it to the world!!!

    Admin – MBP (MyBloggerPlugins)

  17. Nice collection of widget and the way use of widget has been written is really mind blowing

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  19. Thanks for sharing the widgets. I’m really looking for these plugins to incorporate in my sites.

  20. i tried to open up number 6 on the listing and it appears the website has moved.
    i enjoyed this post very much and have moved all over your content which as been very helpful for us blogspot users.
    thank you so much

  21. Stuart Clayton

    GOLD!!! I am in the process of designing a website on blogger right now, making it static, instead of dynamic pages. The author bio and rotating banner are exactly what I was looking for. I’m definitely see what else is on here.

    Nice job. Keep it up.

  22. I think you should add nRelate’s Related Content plug-in to this list. I have used this on a number of my WordPress blogs and they recently released a version for Blogger that looks great. You can learn more about the plug-in here:


    Full disclosure: I am friends with the founders so I am a little biased in this recommendation but honestly, it is a great plug-in that has gotten me some solid results. Thank you!

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  24. thanks for these plugins … the best on ei s mintshare i was looking for it from many days

  25. nice post hope to see more like this

  26. i just installed plugin recent post before this.but after 7 days, not working well. i wish this plugin get working at all. thanks for sharing

  27. Thanks for these plugins….. Nice post Franklin……

  28. superb post. u r NO.1 blogger

  29. Hi Frank…Is there any auto tweet plugin for blogspot as of thing which is availabe in wordpress……

  30. Great list, I already have 2-3 of that on my blog.

  31. I want a plugin to capture suscribers in a new windows (pop up). Don´t you know if exist a plugin to achieve that?
    Thank you.

  32. Great post! How do we add a widget to post our new blog entries on the front page of our site?

  33. Thanks Bro You have helped me
    And please help out in making my blog a real one Thank u

  34. Thank you very much, your blog very cool

  35. Thank you very much for the tips. I sincerely appreciate your article. VC

  36. thanks frnd. for share this plugin list

  37. thanks for sharing the list…they are must have ones

  38. great list of blogger plugins and widgets !
    like to add in my blog
    thank you very much, and your blog is also very good

  39. is there any plugin to show my youtube videos in the blog layout ??

  40. Are there any FREE or cheap plug-ins for printing (coupon matchup) lists?

  41. Thank you for setting aside the time to make this.

    The one penalty you suffer from using blogger is a lack of pre-made widgets but I can look past that for the simplicity of the interface.

    I know this post is rather old but it’s never too late to thank someone for a good job done in my opinion so thank you. :)

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